The Gummi ship has been in every mainline game in the Kingdom Hearts series and has evolved drastically between each installment. What started out as a simple, and for the most part boring, on-rails shooter has become so much more in Kingdom Hearts 3. You now have way more options for exploration, combat, finding secrets, and more. There"s a lot to do when exploring the areas between worlds, and our guide will make sure you can see it all.

How To Use The Gummi Ship

Because you"re free to pilot your Gummi Ship however you like, the controls are a bit different from the previous games where you were following a strict path from A to B. Your basic controls are to use R1 to speed up, your left thumbstick directs your ship and the right controls your camera, and either X or R2 will fire your ship"s main weapon. You can also press L3 for a handy U-turn.

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You also get a set number of boosts to help you get around a little faster by pressing Circle. These boosts recharge over time and can be seen on the bottom right of the screen. Once you level up and unlock new ships, you will also get a special ship ability you can activate using the Triangle button, such as a heal or creating decoys.

How To Travel Faster In The Gummi Ship

With a new open exploration style map, the travel time between worlds can feel like it takes way longer than previous games. Even with the boost ability, you might still feel sluggish, especially in the early ships, but there are more ways you can expedite your travel time.

First are the Nebula Lines, which look like wormholes or strange tubes in space. These act like little highways you can hop on to whisk you between two points on the map in a hurry. You don"t need to enter one at either end, you can just fly into one and be carried along the remainder of the path, and you can also eject yourself at any time by pressing R1 or L1. These are your fastest methods of travelling long distances, and they are placed all over to help you get around.

Next are the Boost Spheres, which look like floating gold cubes. Think of these as little boost pads like in a racing game. When you fly through one it will automatically boost your ship, just like you would if you boosted with Circle, only without costing you a charge. They"re handy if you find yourself exploring a more desolate region of the map and need an extra push.

Boost Rings are your last option for speeding up your ship. They look a lot like Boost Spheres, only, well, they look like rings. Aside from their shape, they do have one major difference from Boost Spheres which is that they will shoot your ship in a specific direction, regardless of the angle you hit them from. This is good and bad. It can be good because they"re generally lined up so you can hit multiple Boost Rings in a row, making them act like a Nebula Line if you can steer yourself into them, but bad in the sense that you might not want to be going in that specific direction.

Other Activities In The Gummi Ship

With so much more space and options to work with, Kingdom Hearts 3 has packed in a ton of new activities to take on with your trusty Gummi Ship.

Gummi Ship Battles

What would the Gummi Ship be for if not to battle heartless between worlds? While you can technically avoid all the normal battles on the map, indicated by the heartless symbol on your radar, they are a fun arcade experience well worth your time. Each battle has a star rating for difficulty, so make sure you start out with the lower star battles and work your way up as you level up and gain new ships.

Battles themselves will all be different, though you can replay older battles again if you wish. In general, they will feel very familiar to anyone who played the Gummi Ship sections in KH2. You"ll be given a fixed perspective where you move and shoot waves of heartless ships as they appear and attack.

You"ll be given a rank at the end based on how many heartless you were able to take out, plus a bonus if you manage to complete the entire mission without taking a hit. The higher your final rank, the better your reward.

Treasure Spheres

Who could resist something called a Treasure Sphere? These giant gold orbs are giant puzzles in a sense. When you shoot one you will lock in on a track circling the sphere, similar to a battle, and need to connect a path from beginning to end by rotating little junction gears. You can rotate them by shooting, and once fully rotated will lock into place. The only tricks are that you need to make sure to hit the gear enough to rotate it in time before it leaves the screen, and to pay attention to whether or not you actually need to rotate that specific gear. There are some placed as decoys that don"t actually connect to the main path.

If you manage to unlock the sphere you"ll get tons of Gummi related items and upgrades.


All those asteroids and crystals floating around aren"t just for show anymore. With full control of your movement and shooting you can, and should, venture out to blast away all the rocks and glowing crystals you see. They"re full of materials and parts for your ship, especially the crystals.

There are two types of crystals to track down, both of which appear on your map with a small crystal icon.

Blue Crystals are more common, and hold various parts for your Gummi Ship.

Purple crystals hold the best rewards, pieces of special Gummi Ship blueprints, but you"ll need a higher level ship to actually crack them. If you find yourself shooting at one for more than ten seconds or so with no feedback, come back later once you"ve leveled up your ship a bit.

Search For Constellations

While out among the stars, you might spot some familiar shapes out in the distance. By pulling out your Gummi Phone while flying around (don"t try this at home), you can line up a shot to capture the constellation and add it to your collection. These can be tricky to find, but give you Special Gummi Ships that you will absolutely want for the tougher battles.

You can spot these constellations as the big bright spheres that stand out from the normal stars in the background, so keep an eye out as you travel to snap a picture on your way.

The best way to power up your Gummi Ship is to explore and participate in all the side activities you can do. You can pick up money and XP to level up as you fly around between worlds, but this will take you way longer than doing some battles and gathering materials.

Gummi Battles will be your best source of XP, which will boost your basic ship stats, as well as increase your power. Power is important for when you want to upgrade your ship itself. Your maximum power determines how many blocks, and how strong of blocks, your ship can have. You can either make custom ships of your own design using the blocks and pieces you"ve collected or automatically build them from blueprints you collect from missions and other activities.

Teeny Ships are another essential upgrade to your ship. These little ships are like extra floating guns that will boost your firepower. As you take on more difficult battles, and the number of heartless ships increases, you"ll need the extra damage to take them out as fast as they show up.

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