Recently a rumour broke out that Park Bo-gum was dating with Kim Yoo-jung. Image Credit: Facebook / Love in the Moonlight Country: Korea Rep SHARE In our previous news, we revealed that Park Bo-gum applied to join navy and there was a chance to be enlisted in August 2020. Park Bo-gum"s agency, Blossom Entertainment has made an official statement on June 2 regarding his potential military enlistment.

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Fans of Park Bo-gum will be happy to know that the handsome actor has been accepted to join the navy for his mandatory military service. The news was confirmed by Blossom Entertainment on June 25.

"Actor Park Bo-gum has been accepted to the Naval Cultural Promotion Team, and will be enlisting on August 31, 2020. We ask for your support so (he) can fulfill his military duty in good health," his agency revealed.

Park Bo-gum will complete his basic military training at the Navy Education and Training Command in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, before transferring to the Navy headquarters in the central city of Gyeryong,

Recently a rumour broke out that Park Bo-gum was dating with Kim Yoo-jung. Yes, the rumour claimed that the Love in the Moonlight actor was dating Kim Yoo-jung in real life.

The drama Love in the Moonlight ended in October 2016 but the rumour surrounding Park Bo-gum and Kim Yoo-jung"s relationship continued creating headlines recently. But, in truth, there is no evidence to establish a real life romantic relationship between Park Bo-gum and Kim Yoo-jung.

Several speculations surrounding Kim Yoo-jung and Park Bo-gum to establish their romantic tie surfaced on the Internet. But the stars always refuted such claims.

In one interview, Kim Yoo-jung disclosed that her family was thinking that the 20-year-old beautiful actress has feelings for the leading man of Love in The Moonlights (i..e, Park Bo-gum). "I think I really loved Prince Lee Young (Park Bo-gum"s character). Lee Young is a person who is smart and wise. How can you not love someone like that?" she clarified.

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"Park Bo-gum is a really warm person, because of that, I was able easily to immerse myself into the drama, I saw Bo-gum Oppa like crown prince Lee Young, He is not only working hard in his acting, even off-camera he is very thoughtful of others and makes the cast and crew comfortable. He was a very good oppa," she added, as reported by Channel Korea.

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