Kendall Jenner Is Butt Naked On The Beach In New Controversial Shoot

Kendall Jenner is making headlines. On Tuesday night, nude photos of the 22-year-old reality star went viral. In two of the photos, Kendall is completely nude, running on a beach. In another photo, she’s completely nude riding a horse.

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According to reports, the images were shot by Russell James for a new book called ‘Angels’. The book will feature other nude celebrities as well.


Check out some reactions below.

Why tf is Kendall Jenner sprinting naked across my timeline

— IGZ (
igzrap) September 12, 2018

not a kendall jenner fan but smh why is it ok to shame her nudes just because she’s famous. she clearly has had no work done and has a natural body which is what all people claim they prefer and wanna see. But bc she doesn’t have big tits y’all feel entitled to ur gross opinions

— jc? (
jordanncobbs) September 12, 2018

kendall jenner really put her BARE pussy on a horse saddle………………i have no words.

— na’kole (
zndayah) September 12, 2018

just saw those new kendall jenner pictures

— a. (
antifacap) September 12, 2018

kris jenner: you will pose butt nekkid on a horse.

kendall jenner: but moooooooooooooom..

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kris jenner:

— RiotGrl? (
ErinLea7) September 12, 2018

People are literally body shaming Kendall Jenner for being “too skinny” but bashing her sisters for getting surgery. You people are stupid and confused.

— Ju Ju (
julianicole_) September 12, 2018

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Authored by: Kellie Williams
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