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1.01Justin Bieber–One Time3:06
1.02Justin Bieber–Baby3:35
1.03Justin Bieber–One Less Lonely Girl3:57
1.04Justin Bieber–Down To Earth4:03
1.05Justin Bieber–U Smile3:16
1.06Justin Bieber–Stuck In The Moment3:18
1.07Justin Bieber–Favorite Girl (Live)5:09
1.08Justin Bieber–That Should Be Me4:09
1.09Justin Bieber Feat. Jaden Smith–Never Say Never
2.01Justin Bieber–One Time3:35
2.02Justin Bieber–Favorite Girl4:16
2.03Justin Bieber–Down To Earth4:05
2.04Justin Bieber–Bigger3:17
2.05Justin Bieber–One Less Lonely Girl3:49
2.06Justin Bieber Feat. Usher–First Dance
2.07Justin Bieber–Love Me3:13
2.08Justin Bieber–Common Denominator4:10
2.09Justin Bieber Feat. Ludacris–Baby
2.10Justin Bieber–Somebody To Love3:40
2.11Justin Bieber–Stuck In The Moment3:42
2.12Justin Bieber–U Smile3:16
2.13Justin Bieber–Runaway Love3:32
2.14Justin Bieber–Never Let You Go4:24
2.15Justin Bieber Feat. Jessica Jarrell–Overboard

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2.16Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston–Eeenie Meenie3:22
2.17Justin Bieber–Up3:54
2.18Justin Bieber–That Should Be Me3:52