As with the previous mission this one has some required work to be done before it is fully unlocked. The actual mission marker is located on the map to the south on the island - but its activation requirement is to liberate the Baia Province - which is the one we are active in now and NOT the one to the south where the marker is.

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If you look at your map, you will see that the marker is actually in the Sirocco Nord Province. If you look at the map where we are - the Baia Province - you will also note that the last thing standing in the way of its liberation is the Oppressed Base called Vis Electra (that is the Electrical Generation Plant).

Vis Electrica

This is one of those deals where you can approach it any way you like. Go in heavy, go in ninja, or a combination of the two. But bear in mind that this is a fortified position and there ARE defenders.

What we found the most fun was to arrive by air via helicopter and then just take out the defenders then blow the Chaos Objects. Yeah, good times. Good times mates.

Now for this base you will - in addition to destroying infrastructure such as fuel tanks and satellite dishes, and the defending soldiers of course - also need to do a puzzle type destruction sequence as well. That is destroying the Turbines which, of course, are Chaos Objects too.

To do that you have to find the two Circuit Breakers for each side - there are four Turbines per side - and you trip both Breakers to lower the Blast Doors, then you quickly destroy the Turbines before the timer runs out. If the timer does run out, you just need to return to the Breakers and trip them again to complete that part of the mission.

Once you have destroyed all of the required Chaos Objects that will complete this part of the process but NOT the mission.

You will then unlock the Achievements: Vive la Revolution (15g) Liberate a Province and Earth, Wind and Sea (25g) Unlock Rebel Drops for at least one land vehicle, one air vehicle, and one sea vehicle.

The Air Vehicle that you unlocked for completing this mission - Urga Postolka - is a Military Class Helicopter which means that in addition to BEING a Helicopter it also has weapons!

Finally you also unlock new activities in the form of Lighthouse Blast, Cavern Tour, Salrosa Sprint, and Helicopter Frenzy I.

So congrats on both liberating three settlements and taking away a Province from Di Ravello! You are well on your way to securing your own Region as your base of operations!

Before we continue, open the map and take a good look at the Baia Province now. It is blue instead of red, which of course means it is all in Rebel hands. But more significant than that, you will notice that in addition to the new activity icons on the map, there are now a small number of the Collections “?” icons as well.

Do not bother with those for now. The Collections System works best if you do it in sequence - so focusing on the story missions so that you can liberate the entire map and thus expose all of the collection points for a given Region, then collecting them Region by Region is really the better way to go.

On with the Mission

As we noted before, liberating the Electric Plant and the Province are not actually the completion points for this mission, they were the starting points. Now we need to head to the island to the south and the Mission Marker to proceed from here.

A good way to continue would be to use your Beacon to call for this new military grade armed chopper and then immediately fly back to the Garage in town to replace the Beacon you just used.

From there fly to the marker on the map, and once you reach enemy territory even before you hit that marker, think about taking out any targets of opportunity that may appear or, at the very least, reconnoitering the Province to ID the various locations first.

With this Helicopter on the way in you can very easily liberate Guardia Sirocco II without even putting your feet on the ground - and as you head into the area of the marker you may want to go ahead and pre-liberate Guardia Sirocco III as well. Just saying...

After you make it safe for yourself to land on the old fortifications, land and hit the marker to actually officially begin the mission (remember we just did the pre-mission qualification stuff before).

That will earn you a CS in which you see El Jefe sitting down to eat and punish his subordinates. What a monster this one is, eh?

He instructs his troops to attack the town as you were warned, and of course to kill YOU. So you need to help defend Costa del Porto from the Dictator"s armored attack. You can do that best with anti-armor weapons - remember even if you arrive in the Helicopter the game is not going to let you KEEP it.

You have to do your job on foot, and with conventional weapons. After you take out the three tanks you need to get to Mario as fast as you can to rescue him pretty much in the same way

After you rescue Mario by killing the enemy attacking his position you need to use your Grapple to pull the gate up, and then you need to get in the back of the Ute that comes to pick you up and provide cover fire for you all.

That means taking out the Helicopters that attack, the trucks, and armored units - as well as foot mobiles. It is NOT going to be an easy run out of there! Luckily there are checkpoints - but you will need them because the way that this is coded sometimes the enemy units will hit things that block your truck and trap it, and you die. Thankfully that is not epidemic, but still.

No matter how bad it gets eventually you WILL make it to the CS, at which point you will arrive at a friendly base and then get evac by chipper for Mario.

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Once that happens you will unlock the Achievement: What a Disaster (15g) Complete the Mission A Terrible Reaction.

This completes the mission and leaves you in a firefight behind enemy lines. DEEP behind enemy lines! So you need to think about your immediate safety and getting away, then evading the enemy and reaching a friendly base where you can re-arm and get more kit and ammunition.

Once you manage that it is time to think about the requirements to unlock the next mission!