These funny Pokémon comics are relatable to any lifelong fan of Nintendo, Pikachu, or just video games in general.

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Pokémon has been around for a long time. Everyone in the world has heard of these addicting little critters, and it"s likely that you"ve played a few games in your lifetime. Because of this, many people have found themselves hooked, basically selling their souls just to get a shot at having another Ditto to add to their collection.

In the time that the franchise has been around, there are those who hopped on the bandwagon for a few months and then hopped off (cough, Pokémon GO players, cough). Then there are those who have dove into the series for the long haul, getting excited with each new release and making sure to fill their Pokédexes from start to finish.

It"s the latter that will really understand the humor in the various Pokémon comics that exist on the Internet. Such a popular franchise is bound to have all kinds of inside jokes and gripes that will later be expressed through witty pictures. In that sense, Pokémon has one of the most eclectic sources of information to ever exist.

In honor of the love for the series, we"ve compiled 20 Pokémon comics that only true fans will fully understand. If you don"t get the joke, then grab your 3DS and play some more games.

Devil Dinosaur is one of the more obscure comic book characters in the Marvel Universe. That"s not to say a gargantuan red T-rex isn"t cool in any way- it"s just a little odd. However, some brilliant minds have imagined a different reality, one where Ash Ketchum caught one the greatest Pokémon of all time.

The resulting Devil Bulbasaur is essentially a giant red version of the classic Kanto starter. We can only imagine the kinds of adventures that would swirl around this beautiful creation, but the biggest one is that Ash might actually win a Pokémon League with the Devil Bulbasaur at his side. Or he"d just stash it at Oak"s Lab for eternity. VIDEO OF THE DAY

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Super Smash Bros is one of the biggest video game franchises of all time. Featuring an amazing cast of Nintendo characters (on top of Capcom, Namco, and Square Enix), fans have been having fun with those games for a long time. Unfortunately, because there are only limited slots, not all of the Pokémon can get a chance to join the brawl.

This comic pokes fun at the fact that Pikachu and Pichu have both been characters in the series, but never Raichu. However, the electric type seems to be taking it well, as he"s trying to convince both Lucario and Pikachu that being in Super Smash Bros can"t be as cracked up as they make it seem.

We all remember the days when we were kids. Back then, the Internet was in its infancy stages and we only heard about new Pokémon games from magazines and the neighborhood know-it-all. When another game in the series was announced, though, we nearly lost our minds, telling all of our friends and family about the upcoming adventure.

Fast forward a decade or two to the technology age. Game Freak is still announcing new Pokémon games every year. Have our reactions changed at all? Not in the slightest. Gazing at our Twitter feeds, we still feel the hype when a new set of Pokémon games is revealed. Our wallets are so ready by the time November rolls around.

When Pokémon GO came out, it was shocking to see so many different people walking around outside for once. Many individuals would take their friends or even their pets along for the ride. Yet, as with everything else, some people quickly got obsessed with the game and kept hunting for Pokémon to add to their collection long after the sun went down.

This comic imagines a scenario where an aspiring trainer has taken their dog for a walk. Yet after hunting for a while, the dog gets a little tired of walking and wants to be held. The funny part here is that whether you"re playing Pokémon GO or not, we guarantee you"ve experienced a time where your dog wanted to be held rather than walked.

Most Pokémon generations have fairly useless bug type creatures that evolve quickly and eventually become obsolete in battling. That wasn"t the case for Pokémon Sun and Moon, though. In those games, we got Grubbin. While it doesn"t look like much at face value, a good amount of training will turn it into the powerful Vikavolt- one of the deadliest creatures in the Alola Region.

This comic sees a Tauros rider come in contact with a little Grubbin after nearly smashing it. After seeing its adorable appearance, the trainer adopts it while the bug lovingly chomps on his face. The kicker here is the Trumbeak in the background looking on in frustration as it just lost its next meal. This comic is a series that journeys a Pokémon Sun playthrough, and we strongly recommend you check it out on your own.

Imagine a world where Pokémon were so attached to you that they actually helped you out with getting ready in the mornings. The possibilities are endless (and potentially dangerous). Never in a million years, though, would we imagine a ghost type Pokémon doing this job, especially making our coffee.

This comic showcases the lovely bond between a trainer and his Cofagrigus. The coffin Pokémon has made him a greater-than-average cup of joe. After taking a sip, lost souls immediately begin spilling out of his mouth, causing him to feel "alive." While it"s pretty disturbing when you think about it, if Starbucks were to add this flavor to their roster, all of the teenage girls would be lining up every Halloween.

During Generation VI, Game Freak decided it was time for them to make some bigger changes to the metagame. Among them was the Mega Evolution, which later turned into the Alola Forms in Generation VII. While they were refreshing additions to the franchise, many fans have pointed out that it is strangely reminiscent to a franchise that has all but faded out nowadays.

Digimon first popularized the idea of taking classic monsters and coming up with re-designed and more powerful versions of them. Once people started putting two and two together, Game Freak lost a little bit of credibility- regardless of how much more popular their franchise is than Digimon.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a Pokémon? We enjoy each game as we catch new creatures and add them to our fighting teams. We then use them to bully little kids and inexperienced trainers out of their money so we can take on the biggest dog fight in the region: the Pokémon League.

Some people have pointed out the true cruelty of the Pokémon franchise. You"re robbing Pokémon from their natural habitat and forcing them to fight in epic cage matches for your own personal glory. Most people still don"t care that much, but this comic switches the scenario. Instead of sending out a trusty Pokémon, one trainer throws out his own grandmother. We don"t want to know how he managed to capture her.

A theme that has been consistent in the Pokémon franchise is that most of the protagonists in every region seem to have no father in their lives. The story doesn"t address it and we"re never given any answers. This holds true for the anime as well. Ash"s mom has spoken of his father a handful of times, but we"re never given any indication as to who it is or why we should care.

This comic imagines Ash writing letters to his father (presumably just to sit in his room and collect dust). He expresses that if he ever becomes a father, he wants to become the very best, just like with his goals in Pokémon training. Oh, Ash, we wish things were different for you.

Many people have wondered what the world would be like if Pokémon were real. They"ve imagined how they would be integrated into society and how the public would react. Regardless of where you stand, it"s been said that Pokémon are much closer to real life than we think... and that has everything to do with personality.

Take this comic, for example. It likens a relationship to a Butterfree. They"re the kind of people that you latch onto early into the relationship, but once you realize there are bigger and better things in the world, you won"t hesitate to drop them off. Anyone who has played a Pokémon game with a Butterfree on their team can easily identify with this.

Most anime shows have interesting levels of progression. After establishing a classic formula and story, they move on to include newer generations of characters and grow as the audience grows. That way, they keep the fans invested while still making it easier for newer viewers to get hooked.

Then there"s Pokémon: one of the most perpetual shows on the planet. The writers insist on never having Ash win a Pokémon League as well as staying 10 years old forever. He"s been journeying for so long, and it"s now become ludicrous to think that all of his adventures haven"t even taken a full year. We"d just like to see him accomplish something in his life. Is that too much to ask?

While Pokémon games are generally loved from start to finish, players always dread going through the cave sections. It"s in these parts where wild Pokémon attack often and in numbers. It wouldn"t be so bad if it weren"t for the fact that most of them will just throw several Geodude or Zubat at you. Most players just stock up on some Repels to make sure they don"t get interrupted while traveling from Point A to Point B.

Not once did most of us think about how the Geodude and Zubat felt about being ignored though. This comic imagines them as Pokémon who wanted to be captured and taken care of in a loving home. Instead of being cared for, they watch in despair as the trainer uses an Abra to Teleport out of the fight.

As the Pokémon series has developed and evolved, Game Freak has had to use similar templates to create new Pokémon. There are now several dragon Pokémon, snake Pokémon, and food-based Pokémon. However, it"s the nuances within each of these species that separate them from one another.

Snivy is a snake Pokémon introduced in Gen V and is complete with limbs and can walk on two legs. Compare that to Ekans, the first snake Pokémon. Introduced in Gen I, it"s basically a purple rattlesnake. If they were to meet, it"s likely that Ekans would lose its mind over the "freak" that was standing before it (according to this comic).

Some of the most creative ideas have come from the big question, "What if?" Often times, people get a glimpse of a potential reality by asking themselves what could be possible. Well, it gets even better with one particular artist asking one of the biggest questions in Pokémon history: "What if every Pokémon was a Walrus Type?"

Instead of just changing all of their types, the artist instead imagines all Pokémon as walruses. From Charizard to Diglett, we get to see these beautiful tusked creatures in their natural habitats. Yet, carrying them wouldn"t be too easy, and it"s quickly stated that having all kinds of walrus Pokémon would be a pretty terrible idea. That Diglett could give anyone nightmares.

Remember the glory days of Pokémon Red and Blue. When you helped out the Silph Co., you were given a Master Ball, which was said to be able to capture any Pokémon without fail. The power was too great to have in your hands, and you wondered which Pokemon you would love to snag with no effort at all.

Unfortunately, a lot of us wasted the Master Ball on a nearby Farfetch"d or other wild Pokémon. Then when it came time for us to fight Mewtwo, we helplessly threw Poké Balls at it to only figure out that we were never going to get it. Those of you new players in the audience, save that Master Ball for an important capture. Your Pokédex will thank you.

Pokémon are very real, just not in the way that most people expect. Just like humans, Pokémon behave as well. They have different personalities and abilities that separate them from the rest of their kind. If you don"t believe us, take another look at this comic above.

It imagines Jigglypuff as a personality type. This kind of person talks so much that you"re bound to fall asleep at some point. In the real world, we call those people talkaholics. As some of you probably know, the struggle with "Jigglypuff people" is getting them to just stop talking so you can get a word or two in the conversation. If you don"t, then you"ll be there forever listening to a story that has no relevance.

You know what happens when you make a judgment without all of the facts? You look really stupid. This bleeds over into Pokémon as well. Many people see the three starters of a region and pick the one that looks coolest to them. Smart players will know what they evolve into and pick the final evolution that looks the coolest.

This comic brings some brilliant karma to light. After choosing Fennekin, the trainer makes fun of both Chespin and Froakie. When another trainer picks Froakie, the first trainer starts mocking him. As we all know, Fennekin involves into a doofy fox while Froakie transforms into one of the greatest Pokémon of all time: Greninja.

Bird Pokémon are adorable. Not only are they east to find and catch, but you can hold them out of their Poké Balls by having them perch on your shoulder. That being said, birds that go on shoulders like to stay there, as they feel a sense of dominance when they do it. If you don"t remind them who is boss, you can end up in situations like the Alolan trainer above.

After getting a cute little Rowlet, he lets it perch on his shoulder happily. Even when it evolves into the bigger Dartrix, it still sits there comfortably. Even when it turns into the massive Decidueye, it still stays on his shoulder, preventing him from even walking a single step. Putting your foot down is not a bad thing, trainers.

Acquiring a Shiny Pokémon is hard work, but through some chaining and fishing, it can be managed in about an hour. That said, not all Pokémon can be found in the wild, and when that occurs, you"re in for a world of frustration. The best way to get Shiny starters or other rare Pokémon is by breeding it with a foreign Ditto. This will marginally increase the chances of a Shiny hatching out of an egg.

However, it takes an extremely long time for anyone to actually acquire a Shiny Pokémon through this method. More often than not, it ends up in PC boxes stocked up with one Pokémon that are all then released into the wild. It"s great for the local trainers, but not too great for the Pokémon making the eggs.

Remember when you first had a Pokémon game on the Game Boy? The rush of hunting down each of the Legendary Pokémon was a pure thrill. You had to stock up on all sorts of items and make sure that each member of your party was finely tuned so that you could inflict status, damage the boss, and not kill it so you could add it to your Pokédex. It"s those schoolyard conversations that many of us lived for, but they"re basically dead now.

Nowdays, the bigger legendary Pokémon are locked behind a digital code that you have to find a GameStop or some other retailer. The problem with that is it takes away the challenge and thrill of hunting these Pokémon down. At least do an event item where it unlocks a new segment of the world as opposed to just handing out cards. It"s not nearly as fun as it used to be.

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