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May 12, 2013



My Podunk town could take a lesson from this warning: the 14th St. bridge at University Avenue gets smashed by an overheight truck about every three months even with all manner of warning bells, alarms, whistles and signs posted well in advance of it.

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It's always an event.

And it's been going on forever.

But don't take my word for it: witness the story below, from the February 19, 1985 issue of The Cavalier Daily.


Ruminating on the sign in the photo up top, it occurs to me that it would be more esthetically pleasing — and forceful — without the comma.

What do you think?

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Also: Becs, does it come as a surprise to you that a periodical called "The Cavalier Daily" would refer to UVA as "The University"? As a Virginia Tech alum I'm always ready to call out Charlottesvillains for being snobby and elitist, but that's stretching it a bit.

Posted by: Nathan | May 13, 2013 11:28:04 AM


Our (Durham, NC) local bridge / crashing hazard. It actually has a sign above it with lights that flash when you're over height, but seems like every other month some guy in a moving truck uses the bridge as a can opener.

Fortunately, someone set up a camera to catch the carnage.

Posted by: Nathan | May 13, 2013 10:29:17 AM

University of Virginia elitism strikes again. "The University". Ya know, there's also Virginia Commonwealth University. And we won't even talk about Virginia STATE University because we know that's just plain wrong.

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Posted by: Becs | May 12, 2013 5:19:08 PM

Check out this sign -


Posted by: Jim Duncan | May 12, 2013 5:08:16 PM

Keep the comma. Never underestimate the ability of people to read something so the meaning is not as intended (I learned a lot about that from writing descriptions on ebay). Probably almost everyone who can read English understands that the comma indicates there is a slight pause, so with it in place, the meaning should be perfectly clear. Without it, I can imagine someone putting their own commas in, perhaps after the "this" so that they're thinking, "If you hit this, sign you will, hit that bridge"...WTF??" Uh-oh, too late...