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- Excuse my language.

- He was terrific. He was the best. He made a lot of money, too.

- Salud, Tommy!

- No more shines, Billy. -What? -I said no more shines.

- Maybe you didn"t hear about it, you"ve been away a long time. They didn"t tell you.

- I don"t shine shoes anymore.

- Relax. What"s got into you? I"m breaking your balls a little, that"s all. I"m only kidding with you.

- Sometimes you don"t sound like you"re kidding. You know, there"s a lot of people around.

- I"m only kidding with you. We"re having a party.

- I mean, I just came home, I haven"t seen you in a long time and I"m breaking your balls and you get fucking fresh.

- I"m sorry, I didn"t mean to offend you.


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Actors: Ray Liotta (Henry Hill), Robert De Niro (James "Jimmy the Gent" Conway), Joe Pesci (Tommy DeVito), Paul Sorvino (Paul "Paulie" Cicero)

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