Since Peter Parker is a photojournalist, it’s no surprise that Spider-Man PS4 has a pretty entertaining Photo Mode. You can get some outstanding photos of Spider-Man’s New York this way, or you can, like everyone else on the internet, use it to take a selfie. Below, we’ll show you how.

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Photo Mode

You can enter Photo Mode at any time by hitting Options and scrolling down to, you guessed it, photo mode. Using R1 and L1, you can cycle through other camera options like filters, frames, and vignette.

Free and Orbit camera modes let you get a good action shot. Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via The very first option you see is for Camera Type. You can cycle through the three options — Free, Orbit, and Selfie — here. Free lets you move and angle the camera however you want, Orbit lets you orbit the camera around Spidey, and Selfie, as you might guess, lets you take a selfie. Free and Orbit snap a picture (with or without Web-Head included) of whatever Spider-Man is currently doing and in the pose he’s currently in. When you choose Selfie, Pete strikes a pose.

The Perfect Selfie

The rightmost option on the Photo Mode menu lets you change Spider-Man’s emote. All this really does is change the expression of his eyes.

Pete has five poses he strikes, depending on when you hit the Options button.

If he’s perched, he’ll throw up a peace sign.If he’s standing, you’ll get a “thwip” (or “I love you”) gesture along with a pretty standard selfie pose.If he’s fighting, he won’t do a gesture.If he’s jumping, he’ll take on a classic Spider-Man jumping pose.If he’s swinging, you’ll get a mid-air pose with the “thwip”/“I love you” gesture.

You can move the camera around a little in Selfie mode with the left thumbstick. You don’t have a ton of range, though, so you’ll have to frame your shot carefully.

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Mood Lighting

After you beat the main story, you can change the time of day at any Research Station. Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via After you beat the main story of the game, you can return to any Research Station to change the time of day. If you’re looking for better light, this is your best bet.