How long did y'all study for Step 3? Any tips or pointers for those about to begin residency this summer?

I have plenty of time on my hands until residency so I'm thinking of taking before intern year starts. Is this a good idea?

Step 3 is largely clinically based, and so unless you spent half your M4 year doing sub-I's, having at least a few months of residency under your belt will probably be extremely helpful. Especially with the sim patients (or whatever they're called, i don't remember).

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Just don't forget about the stuff that your specialty doesn't deal with. You may think you remember enough from that 4 weeks of psych you did 20 months ago, but you do not.

Depends on specialty and when you graduate. You can't get a permit for Step 3 til you have your physical med school diploma. Then they have to process it (took 4 weeks for mine), then you have to schedule two days open at a testing center. Either way, you can ace the exam off of M3/M4 knowledge easily. I did a gen surg intern year doing no medical management so during my exam I was like oh wow, I forgot there's that whole other type of diabetes from Step 1, diabetes insipidus! Now wtf was that again?

I thought about this but it turned out my program paid for part of step 3 so I went ahead and waited.

Piggybacking on this thread, how did anyone who did a surgical intern year find step 3 in terms of material and timing/practice. I really want to get it out of the way in intern year as Im goign into rads.

4 weeks while working. Finished all of uworld. If possible take it earlier rather than later, but it’s essential to do it during a good rotation. I scored 10-15 points lower than my prior steps but did very well on those, so just don’t expect to get the same scores again. I wouldn’t risk failing though

There is a lot of biostats and epidemiology on step3. Do not underestimate that, if biostats and epi are your weak spots. Just do the uworld Q and study the material. I studied for about 3 months because it was the first time I was taking a step exam without having a study block. Studying a couple hours a day after work isn't as intensive.

im in a TY program, i studied during my ED rotation. Shifts were 8-8 and i would basically study from 9-12. About 50 questions a day for 5 weeks. Went through 80% of uworld, did not do any of the practice exams, and the last 4 days i went hard at biostats. Passed comfortably lol

3 weeks, 80% of uworld. Took it as a surgical subspecialty PGY2, which means I don't know bread and butter medicine but historically do well on standardized tests. I wish I studied less, passed with a high score that I didn't need to get.

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