Welcome to our strategy and tactics guide for Ra-den, the Despoiled, inNy"alotha. Here, we tell you all you need to know to defeat this boss.We also include a role by role breakdown of the strategy, so that you canquickly see what you need to do depending on your role: DPS, tanks, orhealers.

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Before you start reading the strategy, we advise you to look at theabilities of Ra-den, in our encounter journal pages.

Ra-den LFR Encounter Journal Ra-den Normal Encounter Journal Ra-den Heroic Encounter Journal Ra-den Mythic Encounter Journal
This is a two-phase fight.Phase One has two alternating sub-phases.Phase Two starts at 40% health and is a DPS and healing race.The fight presents several positioning challenges that require raid membersto move correctly to handle mechanics.
During Phase OnePick up the adds that spawn during this phase and tank them next toRa-den.During Phase Two
During Phase OneWhen Ra-den becomes Void empowered, heal through the healing absorptionshield placed on the entire raid.When Ra-den becomes Vita empowered, be prepared for some raid-widedamage.During Phase TwoCoordinate with other healers to chain cooldowns during thishealing-intense phase.
During Phase OneEach time the Void and Vita orbs spawn, make sure to kill the designatedone before it reaches Ra-den.Focus and kill both types of adds that spawn during this phase.During Phase TwoUse all available cooldowns to kill the boss as quickly as possible.
During Phase OneRemain stacked up as a group unless otherwise instructed.During Phase TwoStack up near the boss to facilitate healing.

Phase One lasts until the boss reaches 40% health. This phase is splitinto two sub-phases, with the boss using totally different abilities dependingon which Essence Orb he absorbs (Essence of Void orEssence of Vita.

For a full list of abilities used by Ra-den in this phase, check out ourdedicated Ra-den Encounter Journal page.

To better explain the alternation of the Void and Vita sub-phases,consider the following.

A few seconds after the start of the fight and every 60 seconds after that,two orbs (Essence of Void and Essence of Vita) will spawn fromportals located on opposite sides from the boss.These orbs will move towards Ra-den and cannot be stopped.Both orbs can be killed, but when one is killed the other becomesimmune to damage. This means at least one orb will reach Ra-den everytime.Ra-den will become empowered by the orb that reaches him, determiningwhat abilities he uses for 40 seconds. Ra-den can become empowered by bothorbs at the same time, but this should be avoided.

Instability Exposure is a debuff that raid members can gain whenhit by one of two people Unstable Void or Unstable Vita, which increasesthe damage taken by these abilities by 300% for 30 seconds, and whicheffectively forces the raid to rotate the players that handle theseabilities (and punishes you if a large group of players is hit).

Lastly, it may not be clear from the ability description, but thelocation where the projectile of Unstable Void will land, once it hasbeen soaked and it bounces again, is determined by where the soaking player"scharacter is facing. Thus, the soakers can roughly control where theprojectile will land next.

Phase One strategy depends on whether the boss is empowered by Void orVita energy. The raid will inevitably have to deal with both empowerments,and the order in which the two empowerments happen does not seem to matter,so it is up to you.

Before we look at the two different sub-phases, it is important to notethat Nullifying Strike is a tank-swap ability the boss usesregardless of empowerment, whenever his Energy reaches 100. Tanks shouldsimply swap after each cast.

We remind you that your raid has to kill one of the two Essences thatmake their way towards Ra-den each time, and DPS should focus the designatedEssence down accordingly.

As far as positioning is concerned, the raid can stay stacked up throughoutmost of Phase One.

When this sub-phase begins, the healers will have to heal through theraid-wide healing absorption shield of

Unleashed Void. Simply healthrough this.

The projectile that Unstable Void must be soaked each time before itlands (since this would silence the raid for 8 seconds, which is quitedevastating), and a different player (not affected by the Instability Exposure debuff) must soak it each time.

When a Void Hunter spawns, this add should be picked up by one ofthe tanks and brought close to Ra-den so he can be cleaved.

To deal with the Void Hunter"s

Void Collapse ability, all raidmembers (except the tanks) should stack up to soak the damage, even if thismeans that they will all be debuffed by
Void Defilement.Alternatively, if the marked player has a way to soak the damage of theability alone, they should get out of the raid and do so.

When this sub-phase begins, healers will need to contend with the raid-widedamage from

Unleashed Vita. Simply make sure the raid is not low onhealth.

To address Unstable Vita, use the following positioning.

Have most of the raid stacked up next to Ra-den.Designate two locations because that Unstable Vita, behind the mainstacked raid, one in each direction.Unstable Vita will jump to the player farthest away from the currentlyaffected player, so your goal is to have the two Unstable Vita locations befarther away from one another than either one is to the rest of the raid.Rotate the players standing in each Unstable Vita location so that thereis never a player affected through Instability Exposure standing there.As soon as a player has had the Unstable Vita jump from them, they shouldget back into the raid and a new raid member without Instability Exposureshould take their place.

The Crackling Stalker add should be picked up by the tanks andkept close to Ra-den, so that it can be cleaved. Its

Chain Lightning ability should simply be healed through.

Phase Two begins when Ra-den reaches 40% health. We recommend that the raidbe careful with the timing of this transition: if the boss transitions justafter Void and Vita essences spawn, the boss will benefit from the empowermentfor 40 seconds of Phase Two, which can be very bad. Instead, you should aimto transition the boss before the next set of essences spawns.

For a full list of abilities used by Ra-den in this phase, check out ourdedicated Ra-den Encounter Journal page.

5.1.1. Notes

Note the Decaying Strike replace instead replace Nullifying Strike inthis phase.



The boss will continue to gain increasing damage throughout this phasefrom the

Lingering Energies self-buff. This, coupled with the constantraid-wide damage from
Ruin, makes this a hard DPSburn phase with the aim of killing the Ra-den before the raid dies.

The raid should stack up at all times to make healing easier, and healerswill need to coordinate cooldown usage towards the end of the phase. The onlytime you should not be stacked up is when

Void Eruption is being cast,at which point all players should do their best to avoid the void zones beforestacking up again.

Tanks should perform a tank switch after each Decaying Strike,in order to handle the Decaying Wound debuff that is applied. Inpreparation for Decaying Strike being used, healers should let the tank"shealth drop as low as they can safely do so, as this will reduce thedamage they take from Decaying Wound.


Charged Bonds is used, the two linked players need to run inopposite directions as quickly as possible to break the link, beforereturning to the raid.

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This is when you should use

Time Warp together with DPScooldowns and potions.

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