So this is my first game in the "souls" series and I know it it meant to be hard but I can"t even figure out how to pause the game.

Also when I played the game a second time I lost a bit of progress because I didn"t select "Exit Game" from the menu. The game was thoughtful enough to point this out to me but didn"t tell me how to get that menu up.

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I have tried the usual suspects, the options button and both sides of the touch pad to no avail.

I also tried being in offline mode but that seem to help either.


There"s no pause in Bloodborne, and that"s intended mechanic (as well as no saveload options).

If you want to take a break you can press Options, then select Settings (icon with gears on top right), then select Exit Game.

If you want just to make a pause you can go to any safe spot (Hunter"s Dream works well) and just leave game be.

Please note that right now Playstation 4 Stand By mode, which of course will pause the game as well, breaks connectivity, so you"ll be offline until you restart the game.





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