The last decade has witnessed a flourishing development of cloud computing technology. Overall, cloud computing has matured into a relatively comprehensive ecosystem consisting of technologies, products, and services.

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Before the advent of cloud storage services, many businesses had to rely on their own in-house IT department for such needs. With the rise of a new technology, this conventional method is overshadowed and gradually replaced by newandemerging cloud computing.

Today, an increasing number ofbusinesses are usingcloud services more frequently, makingworkflow simpler and more convenient for consumers.

Among a couple of mainstream cloud computing platforms, Google is a shining star and has thelion’s share. Google Drive, rolled out in 2012, was developed as a file storage and synchronization service provider.

With the capacity to storefiles on Drive’s servers and synchronizefiles across multiple platforms, Google Drive has accumulated a total number of 1 billion users, with a reason!

How toRotate PDFs in Google Drive

Generally speaking, PDF isn’t a brand new file format for most. In particular, for those whose work involves frequent file transmission, PDF is completely unavoidable. Usersmay need to store unfinished PDF documents into the cloudtofunction independentlyof locations, platforms and operating systems for improved efficiency.

Thus, multiple problems may come to the surface due to using the cloud service. A typical and common question is how to rotate PDF files on your PC easily.

For example, as seenin the below picture, the first page of the PDF document isplaced horizontally. This type of situation can occur to anybody on occasion, affectingthe overall reading experience. Therefore, it is recommended to correct the orientation of the first page.

Here’s how to rotate a PDF in Google Drive:

Step 1.Enter in the search bar and click “Go to Drive”. Then, log in to Google Drive with a Google account. Open the file that needs to be rotated. Please note that Google Drive only supports adding annotations to the current PDF.

Rotation should be completed with the help of third-party PDF tools or connected apps. Therefore, the connection requires the users to go to another page in order to complete the rotation.


Step 2. Find Open with and then click DocHub below the Connected apps or Lumin PDF located just beneath suggested third-party apps. Following such, users will be redirected to a different page.

If you choose to rotate the PDF in DocHub, then your PDF will be presented like the image below:


Step 3. If you have successfully arrived on the page, you’re already halfway there. Click the Page Controlbutton on the top left side of the page.

Then, place your cursor on the wrongly setpage and click through thedifferent rotation settings. If one wants to rotate all pages of a PDF document, such is possible by clicking the bottom left arrow.


Step 4. Once you’ve made the changes to the PDF’s orientation, the changes made to the current file will be automatically saved. You can download and export the PDFby clicking “Download and Export” located at the top right, to the local device, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Besides, it allows users to share the file with others as an attachment or a shareable link.

Final Words

As an ideal collaboration platform, Google Drive allows users to encrypt or set certain access limits during file distribution if the PDF contains sensitive or confidential information. You can see clearly that rotating a PDF in Google Drive is relatively simple once you know how it’s done. Feel free to share your personal experience about how to rotate PDFs on any other similar cloud service platforms!

Google Drive is a cloud storage option with a closer connection to their Google Apps platform (e.g. Docs, Sheets, etc.). As a personal cloud storage service for ordinary users seeking to store data in the cloud, Google Drive is totally free for the first 15 GB of storage and costs 1.99$ per month for an extra 100 GB storage space.

Drive now equallysupports file sharing and collaborative editing so that users can obtain access to files from anywhere and share them with other Google Drive users.

UnlikeGoogle Cloud, another one of Google"s file storage services for storing data in the cloud by using its own infrastructure, Google Drive is more of a personal cloud storage service for general users in need of storing data in the cloud. It enables users to upload and save a wide assortment of files to Google"s servers, including documents, images, audio, and videos.

You cannot directly rotate an image (JPG, PNG, TIFF) in Drive. However, there is another way out:

Step 1: Log in Google Drive and upload the image;

Step 2: Double click the image and select Open with;

Step 3: Choose the Connect more apps and search Photo editor. Install any online tools and integrate a photo editor into your operation panel;

Step 4: Click Open with again and choose the editor to allow its access;

Step 5: When you are redirected to the photo editor, you can rotate your JPG file.

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Rotating a PDF in Chrome is very easy and only requires a newest version of the browser. Once you update your Google Chrome, open a PDF file with it. Click "Rotate Counterclockwise" to change the orientation of a PDF document. Save your changes by selecting "Download". However, you can only change the orientation of the entire document instead of a single page.