how to make pokemon insurgence full screen This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to make Any Game Windowed/Full-screen – Without a Program – Tutorial –. Following along are instructions in the video below:Right everyone welcome back to another pc tutorial guys for you today. Ive got got how to make any fullscreen game into a windowed mode without using programs. If was using all this fancy stuff for what im going to call it its it easy. Its gonna be a simple stuff. Thats already built in to the computer. And its not hard at all its actually two buttons. So everyone lets do this so. Its been a while since ive done an actual pc tutorial or whatever anything like this and i really wanted to actually upload one of these for you guys. Because it has been a wow. And i figured this out while go cuz. I was trying to get all these games in the window. Because i only have one computer screen for recording and streaming and stuff like that. But what you do guys is you open any game. If your game is in full screen how to close that down how to make it windowed mode. Any game. It doesnt matter what type of game. It is it doesnt matter if theres no options at all for the game any type of game. What should you guys is you hold down the alt key hold down the alt key on your keyboard hold it down and you press enter the screen may go black what may not boom for me. The screen is in full screen for screens right now my game is in full screen heartstone to make it windowed hold down alt and press enter boom. The game is now in windowed mode. This works on any game. It doesnt matter if its a if its a game actually found this out really pretty well with them five nights at freddys cuz. Its a four string game. Only so i press out or hold in turn thats all you do hold it in there boom.

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Its gonna be there its full windowed. Its awesome stuff now another thing. I want to talk about gas is um. If you have a resolution scale. In the options menu and you set it to like lets say 800 by 600. The resolution that when you enforce free mode. Its gonna be a lot of black bars everywhere. But when you press out and in or make a windowed mode. The black bars are gone and theyll only capture the screen. And this will work for any resolution you set it at the options menu. If there is that option for you to do that set the resolution scale. But a lot of games. Does not have like a windowed mode in the options menu. So this is a great way to make that game just better for you so you can browse the internet. If you want to while playing your game or do these different type of things its just a great little like a little i guess in your arsenal of your pc stuff. And it works really well. But yep this all gasp and enter full screen windowed mode. It doesnt matter any game is fine now im gonna show you one more thing. Its not gonna be completely what do you call it um. Its not going to be completely working lets say that much at all. But um. Because they dont have a lot of games that does this very few games does this. But what you do is you go into the im gonna just go to like something simple like lets lets go to counter strike went out its not going to be here. But some games do have this in very few games and youre gonna go to local fouls and youre gonna go to browse.

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Local fouls and also you can just find your game in your on like your live a of different options and stuff. I got little pads whatever you in a car like this go find the game you want and youre gonna go through different stuff like its gonna some stuff is gonna be like app data. And its gonna be like the config. Its gonna be in a bin. And theres gonna be a notepad somewhere down here. Theres going to be a notepad like right here like something something like this its any notepad like this im gonna say this. But its gonna be like the notepad when you open that up its gonna have all the settings for that said game and down through here theres gonna be something called fullscreen and right below. It its gonna be windowed. What you do guys is really a number beside of it youre gonna change that number to four full screen to zero and the windowed number to one and thats me permanently windowed mode for that set game. But thats a very rare chance of any game actually having that very very few games does but again thats another tip for you guys to make a game windowed and full screen whatever you want to do. But everyone i hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to make any game fullscreen and to windowed mode back to full screen. Whatever you want to do. Its just such a cool. Little trick just hold down alt and press. So easy such a simple tool that you can use gas. But hopefully hopefully you enjoyed this little quick tutorial on the pc. Im going to release more of these. Its just i try to make them like spread apart as i find new stuff to do i make a tour tutorial for you guys pretty cool stuff. But um as always this has been too bad too oh guys dont forget to leave a like down below subscribe for more if youre new to the channel and also dont forget to check out my twitch straining down below in the description. Ive been streaming every night. Its really amazing we just hit 200 viewers at once. Which was incredible gasps. Thank you for that 200 people at once thats quite insane not gonna have but um hopefully everyone enjoys all that stuff. But as always this is been too bad too and ill see you next time music. .

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