If you commute with your bike, then you might be a bit anxious about it getting stolen whenever you have to lock it up to go inside. This anxiety, and theft threat, increases where there is no bike rack available for you to lock it to.

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So, what you do when you need to lock your bike and there’s no rack in site? Luckily, you don’t need that bicycle rack as long as you have a good lock. So let us give you some tips on the proper way to lock your bike when there’s no rack.

Tip: New to cycling and wondering, what is a bike rack? and how does it work? They are designed specifically for cyclists to secure the bikes to, like in the image above. You can find these on city sidewalks, in parks, and outside of businesses.

What Can You Lock A Bike To?

We want you to be able to confidently park your bike anywhere and anytime. And to do that, you need to know what sorts of things are good for you to lock your bike to so that it stays safe.

You should lock your bike to something that it hard to move and tall. Good examples of this, in addition to bike racks, are:

treeslight polesstreet signsfencesbenches that are bolted to the ground
image: Richard Masoner, Flickr, CC2.0

What If You Don’t Have A Bike Lock?

If you own a bike, then you seriously need to get yourself a good bike lock. Otherwise, you are really risking that bike being stolen.

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But, if you don’t have a lock then you should focus on making that bike has difficult to roll away as possible. So, do whatever you can to immobilize the wheels so that it is too difficult and time consuming to steal.

Here are some tips to keep your bicycle safe from thieves when you don’t have a lock:

Remove the chain from the back gears so it’s a thief cannot ride it awayHide your bike behind large shrubs, cars, etc.Put it in the highest gear so it’s harder for a thief to jump on a ride away quicklyRemove the bike seat – technically the rest can be stolen, but might be less likelyRemove the front wheel – technically the rest can be stolen, but might be less likelyTake the bike inside, if you can

And once you return to your bike, the first you should do is buy a new bike lock!