Hello hyakkendana-hashigozake.comns! Now looking at the image above, I think you should already have figured what my issue is... I got unlucky with the map creation and one of the underground crimson areas had had to be planted right into the middle of the jungle biome... Strangely enough, both of the crimson biomes spawned on the left side of my small sized map.My question is, how on earth do I remove the crimson inside the jungle during pre-hardmode? If I don"t remove it before hardmode, I worry that it"ll damage the jungle irreversibly (FYI when corruption/crimson is cleansed, regardless of which type of grass corruption/crimson corrupts e.g jungle grass, it will always revert to the original grass) and slow game progression. The biggest part I find concerning is the amount of jungle surface area I have. If I mess this up, goodbye Mr Truffles

Hmm... yeah, this is pretty bad. Not sure if there"s much you can do pre-hardmode, to be honest. If you"re really serious about getting rid of it all, then you should probably mine the whole cavern. Purification powder might not help.

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This seems to be the best route to mine it based on the image, but it might be better to make a rectangle instead as it"s quicker.
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InstaFiz Much appreciated! ^^
ASG_102 Thank you! I"ll put this one into practice. It"s probably better taking some jungle to prevent the threat than remove it.

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Perhaps make a new map?Depends how much time you"ve spent on this map and if you have the time/patience to try and isolate the Crimson in this map. Keep in mind: 1. The Crimson grows thorns and vines, both of which can further spread the Crimson. 2. The Jungle grows thorns, and if they grow too close to the Crimson, the thorns can be infected and spread Crimson. This means you might need to surround the Crimson with a safe barrier like wood.Crimson/corruption spawn randomly, so it"s quite possible for them to spawn on the same side of the map. It"s also possible for them to spawn on top of each other.