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This guide contains visual & audio assistance with YouTube videos and descriptive text that will assist you in acquiring the Drift Mods from the Principle tests.

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Drift Mod Introduction


Lua is the Orokin Moon tileset located right of Earth on the Star Chart, it holds Corpus & Grinner and is unlocked upon the completion of the Second Dream Quest.

Principle Tests & Spawn Notice


Each test is located within its own room in the Lua tileset however these rooms are not predetermined or have have guaranteed spawns.Any mission on Lua can spawn a Principle test however certain gametypes have a higher chance to spawn a few.You may experience a mission with no tests or a test with multiple.The specific gametypes that can spawn these tests more often when applicable will be listed.

Endurance Drift


The endurance principle requires the player to stand on a pressure plate in the centre of a large room for a lengthy duration whilst being bombarded with Orokin lasers. These lasers are located on each level of the room and can be disabled for a short duration by the player on the pad or by other players in your squad. Also keep in mind that within the pressure pad zone, all Warframe abilities are disabled.

While the test for the individual on the pressure pad is to survive, this individual or their squad members can monitor their progression via the the vertical pipe on the left side of the room, looking towards the hallway. This pipe fills up with water over the course of the test as long as the player remains on the pressure plate. Once the pipe has been filled to the brim, the pressure plate will turn into an elevator and lower you to a portal room.

Stealth Drift (+18 Enemy Radar +12% Aim Glide/Latch Time) is awarded from its Principle test.Direct Missions: Grimaldi – Mobile Defense or Plato – Crossfire Exterminate

The Stealth principle takes place in a long symmetrical room with multiple levels and requires the player to dodge countless lasers on their way to a portal plate, opposite to the starting location in the principle room. The test can be started by standing on the displayed plate.

Two variants of the lasers will be active throughout the test.

Yellow indicates standard Orokin Lasers that simply damage the player. These lasers do not affect the test upon interaction.The Blue Lasers are specific to the Stealth test and upon interaction, they will fail the test and close the portal.

Note: If the test fails, you’ll need to find the test again in another mission.

The final test zone is located on the bottom floor of the room at the opposite end to where you start the principle test.

image of reward room.Entering the portal will take you to the principle Reward Room where you can interact with the glowing object to receive the Stealth Drift Exilus Mod.

Gear Recommendations

Agility Drift (Reduced Damage 12% while Airborne +6% Evasion) awarded from its Principle.Direct Missions: Grimaldi – Mobile Defense or Plato – Crossfire Exterminate

The Organ pipes can be opened by shooting the glowing Orokin plates located on the walls. As shown above, the first plate to activate the test is located above the lowest and first two pipes. Shoot the plate and the two pipes will open.

From the second organ you’ll need to look to the right side of the first plate and shoot the plate located nearby, this will open three organs. You’ll want to aim for the third and highest.

At this stage the organ order is simple and clear however the plates are not.Looking from the fourth organ to the centre of the room, a plate will appear in front of you. This plate will unlock the fifth organ that is next to said plate.

Coaction Drift (+15% Aura Strength +15% Aura Effectiveness) is awarded from its Principle test.Direct Missions: Grimaldi – Mobile Defense or Plato – Crossfire Exterminate

When standing on the aforementioned glowing plate, a number of orokin discs will move and float to create a platform in front of you. When these discs form a platform, a player must continue to stand on the plate while another user or the player in a different form (operator, spectre etc.) stands on the hanging platform, as shown above with the use of my operator. Doing so will lift the covers off the orokin construction’s corner plates.

The following process will need to be repeated for each corner of the Orokin Construction.With this corners tunnel unlocked, the first player needs to stand on the 3rd plate and the second player must go through the now unlocked door and stand on the lit up plate.

When all corners have had their pads activated the player/s can make their way to the lower level of the room and a path into the construct will be available via Vertical Orokin pads.

The Coaction drift principle while built to be completed with a squad, can be completed solo via the use of Spectre placements or the Operator on plates that require player placement.You must be using different spectre types otherwise the active spectre will be replaced by the newly cast spectre of the same type.

Speed Drift

The Speed Principle takes place in a hallway that is designed unlike any other room in the Lua Tileset. You can identify the room easily by its Orokin Laser and Shockwave Orb room at its centre.

As shown above, prior to entering & after exiting the laser plate and knockdown room there will be two doors. These doors will not open until the player shoots the orokin plates within the aforementioned centre room.

Above the door and plate in this room are orokin segments. While the player stands on the pressure plate, these three segments will merge and unlock the door, starting the timer for the test.Depending on the door opened, you’ll be met with a different test each requiring the player to reach the end of the path before time runs out:

In between each hallway are a number of Slowly closing doors that represent the time left for the test. When these doors close it results in a test fail however, these doors will trick you into believing a failure has occurred throughout the test by closing prematurely. Just wait a second or two and the doors will open again allowing you to continue.

Once both plates have been activated and each test completed, a pillar will raise in the centre room that the player can climb, jump etc. their way to the top of. Atop this pillar is the portal room to the Speed Drift mod.

Cunning Drift (+12% Slide -30% Friction +15% Ability Range) is awarded from its Principle test.Direct Missions: Grimaldi – Mobile Defense or Plato – Crossfire Exterminate

The Cunning Test requires the player to disable four pillars of energy by dodging blasts from an Orokin Drone, this test can be initiated by destroying two caps holding water within the geometry.

Upon entering the gold effect, an Orokin Drone will emerge and start to rotate around the test room based on your current location. This drone has no health value and cannot be killed. The drone utilises a charged laser strike on the player.

Standing on this tower will cause the drone to move to the closest position, behind the pillar and facing towards the blue energy seeping side. As shown above the drone will start to charge its laser at which point you need to wait for the last possible second and then jump as the laser strike has been cast. Doing so will cause the strike to hit the pillar thus severing the connection.

The cunning principle test will be complete once the final pillar has been struck by the Orokin drone, at which point the test zone will emit more particle effects, indicating that the elevator is ready to use.

Due to the simplicity of the Cunning Principle test, the only recommendation I can provide is to replay the Second Dream quest, if you are having bad luck spawning the room, as guarantees the spawn of the test room.

Power Drift

In front of each orb is an outlined zone of gold. The Power principle requires players to stand within these zones for a short duration while the allocated orb zaps your energy (indicated by a blue connected beam) A squad of players can .

Once each beam has been charged and activated the centre platform will open and a stairwell will begin will lower downwards to the portal room.

The Power Principle is one of the simplest tests, taking place within the same room and it only requires energy to be completed. As such if you equip your Warframe with energy generation and storage mods and then gather up energy prior to starting the test, the test will be a breeze. The player can also utilise their Operator’s energy pool rather than their Warframes.

Mods:Flow, Primed Flow, Energy Siphon, Endurance Drift & (later) Preparation.Arcanes:Arcane EnergizeOperator: Complete The War Within Quest

Conclusion & Other Guides

You can acquire the Iwoply graphic and branding in Warframe by using Promocode: IWOPLY

This concludes the guide for the Drift Mods, Acquisition & Principle Test guides.

If you found it helpful please rate the guide positively and if it wasn’t helpful, don’t forget that videos are available that provide in-depth information about certain principle test segments that could not be added due to the formatting of this guide.

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