GTA Online"s Halloween Event has come early. Reports of Phantom Vehicles and Wild-eyed Slashers Stalking Victims, Plus, the Return of Classic Halloween Modes, Alien Survivals, and More

It"s a big year for GTA 5 and by extension GTA Online. Whilst another year has passed and there"s still plenty of GTA 6 Leaks to keep fans excited, an official GTA 6 Release Date still feels fairly far off.

Thankfully, the GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced edition should give fans (old & new) further reason to play the existing game when it arrives. Plus if Rockstar keeps pumping out great content like the GTA Online Summer Update, who are we to complain?

The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game are set to launch next March, and that means the last in-game event before that next-gen switch gets turned on, will be the customary Halloween Event Week - fondly referred to as Halloween Surprise.

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Ironically, Halloween Surprise originally launched as a content DLC for the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto Online. With October starting this week, will Rockstar have something special planned? When will it launch? Read on, we"ll tell you everything you need to know.

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22 October 2021

Halloween appears to have started a whole week early. Here"s a quick rundown of what activities Rockstar has added in 2021:

Slasher, Come Out to Play, and Condemned Halloween modes return to GTA Online for a limited time, all paying out Double Rewards.2X GTA$ and RP on Alien SurvivalsPlay this week before October 27 to receive the Republican Space Ranger Livery for the Pfister Comet S2If a Slasher attacks you on the streets this week and you manage to kill your assailant in self-defense, you’ll receive the rare Twilight Knife T-shirt, free of charge, delivered within 72 hours of login after November 1.

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15 October 2021


As some players may know, GTA Online likes to mix things up during Halloween. It"s not always about the Horror, sometimes it"s more about aliens, and that"s exactly what it appears Rockstar Games are planning for 2021.

Earlier today a new UFO event went live in the game, complete with various locations you can spot the unidentifed flying saucers. Follow the link above and we"ll explain all.

13 October 2021

There"s a new GTA Online Weekly Update due to arrive tomorrow starting a new event week in the game. Whilst not confirmed by any means, Rockstar does have a habit of pushing small background updates on a Thursday so stay tuned as they might tweak a few things in the lead up to their Halloween event later in the month.

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11 October 2021

Need something to watch whilst you wait for the next Halloween 2021 event to begin in GTA Online? Well here you go. MrBossFTW takes you through some changes to the game as Rockstar begins to lay the groundwork for their next spooky event, coming later this month.