"Bloodborne" might be hard, yet the Blood-Starved Beast isn"t. All you need is the right item, a willingness to check out the game"s lore, and also the capability to put two and also 2 together...

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Bloodborne Blood Starved Beast

Fact: Bloodborne is tough. That shouldn"t come as a surprise, offered director Hidetaka Miyazaki"s reputation, but it bears repeating. Like Dark Souls and Demon"s Souls prior to it, Bloodborne isn"t a game that players deserve to ssuggest bash their method through. Victory in Bloodborne just comes after carefully observing adversaries, coming up with plans, and also not offering up after those plans inevitably go straight to hell.

So, yes, Bloodborne is difficult - but that does not expect that it"s difficult. Eincredibly opponent that plagues Yharnam deserve to be beaten with the right strategy. To that finish, From Software has filled the game with subtle ideas and also tips to assist make your journey across the gothic metropolis a tiny less complicated. Pay cshed attention: occasionally, the trick to success is surprise in plain sight.

Take the game"s 3rd (or fourth) boss, for example. Dubbed "The Blood-Starved Beast," this lumbering, lanky monster appears prefer a formidable opponent, with his lunging strikes and also close-proximity poichild. Guess what? For players that know what they"re doing, he"s actually pretty straightforward. According to YouTube user Flatts, all you need to dominate the Blood-Starved Beast is an open up mind and also a few secs through one specific item description…

Specifically, Flatts calls out the Pungent Blood Cocktails, which can be accumulated throughout players" journeys or purchased at the Hunter"s Dream for 2,000 blood echoes (Bloodborne"s in-game currency). In the Pungent Blood Cocktail"s item description, the message notes that the projectile "releases an odor that attracts blood-thirsty beasts." You recognize who"s blood-thirsty? The Blood-Starved Beast. Think around it. It"s appropriate tright here in his name.

With the assist of a couple of Blood Cocktails (Flatts recommends four, although talented players deserve to obtain ameans through just two), the Blood-Starved Beastern becomes somepoint of a pusfloat. Sindicate lob the cocktail into the distance, and the Beastern will certainly chase after it, giving players time to sneak up from behind. Unleashing a heavy attack, adhered to by a visceral attack, will certainly slice off a far-ranging chunk of the monster"s health and wellness. Even much better, if players act quickly, the Cocktail won"t wear off in the time of the strike, definition the monster will certainly still be distracted once he recovers.

That"s it. Flatts likewise recommends arming yourself via fire paper and also Molotov cocktails, as the Blood-Starved Beastern seems particularly prone to fire, but the trick really comes dvery own to using the Blood Cocktails correctly.

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If nopoint else, this so-stupid-it"s-remarkable strategy demonstprices simply how a lot care From Software has actually put into structure Bloodborne"s savage people, and also proves that any of its many foes can be beat through a small bit of forebelieved. Well, almost any: as of right now, there"s still no way to conquer those pesky loading screens…