Tips on how to use the Awakening Gauge to activate your character"s Awakening power or Ultimate Technique in Jump Force.


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In Jump Force, players have the ability to activate Awakening powers for their characters along with special Ultimate Techniques. Each character in the Jump Force roster has the ability to use Awakening powers, though the process of activating them isn’t immediately clear. If you’re having a hard time using Awakening in Jump Force, or simply want to learn how to activate your Ultimate Technique, we’ve got you covered.

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Below, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to use Awakening in Jump Force!

How to Use Awakening in Jump Force

When your Awaken meter is at least 50% full, you can press down on your right analog stick to Awaken your character in Jump Force.© Bandai Namco

In order to use Awakening in Jump Force, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the Awakening Gauge. The Awakening Gauge can be found near your character portrait at the top of the screen. To fill it, you’ll need to successfully land attacks, though it’ll also increase through other means, like when you block attacks from your opponents.

To manually charge your Awakening meter, you’ll need to stand still (ideally when your opponent is attempting to recover as their hits can interrupt your charge) and hold RT on Xbox One or R2 on PlayStation 4. When your Awakening Gauge hits 50% or higher, you’ll be able to unleash your character’s Awakening power.

To enter the Awakened state, you’ll either need to tap the right analog stick on Xbox One or hit R3 on PlayStation 4. By “Awakening” your character, you’ll increase their power and speed for a short period of time. New character visuals may also unlock. You’ll remain in your Awakened state until the gauge has depleted, at which point you’ll need to repeat the process of filling it by landing attacks, blocking attacks, etc.

When your Awakening meter is full, you can use it to unleash your character"s Ultimate Awakening in Jump Force. © Bandai Namco

By filling your Awakening Gauge at least 50% by using R2 and X on PS4, and RT and A on Xbox One. Alternatively, filling your gauge will allow you to utilize your character’s Ultimate Techniques. For Ultimate Techniques,you’ll need to either hold RT or R2. When a list of moves appears on your screen, tap the button while holding RT or R2 to use the move.

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For example, holding RT or RT, then tapping the Y button on Xbox One or the triangle button on PlayStation 4. Looking to combine the two? Fill your Awakening Gauge to 100% then activate your Awakening power to unleash your character’s Ultimate Awakening. Now that you know how to use Awakening in Jump Force, which character has your favorite Awakening power?

Are you a Boruto fan, or do you main Izuku Midoriya? Let us know down in the comments below! For a closer look at all of the Awakening transformations and Ultimate Techniques, be sure to check out the video below courtesy of YouTube user KabukiShyakkendana-hashigozake.come! For more on Jump Force, be sure to check out some of our previous features including our comprehensive Jump Force tier list, the confirmed character roster for Jump Force, and the awesome story trailer for Jump Force that debuted in December of 2018.