OBS Studio is a program used to transmit live video on the Internet, and it is possible to include multiple cameras, soundtrack, visual effects and texts in the lives. The software is available for download on Windows (PC), Mac OS and Linux, and has two versions: 32 and 64 bits. OBS is compatible with the Mixer, YouTube Gaming, Twitch TV and Facebook Gaming platforms. In addition to being one of the most used apps in its category, along with Streamlabs and Xsplit. See below for a tutorial on how to download, configure and use OBS Studio.

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How to download and use OBS StudioThe tutorial was done on Windows 10 and separated into three topics: screenshot, adding webcam and configuring the microphone.

Download and configure the capture screenStep 1. Download OBS Studio through the Downloads section of TechTudo and install the software on the PC;

Step 2. On the OBS Studio home screen, create a font by clicking “+” in the “Fonts” section;

Step 3. Select a font pattern. To transmit the contents of the windows opened on the PC, click on “Window capture”;

Step 4. Define a name for the source and click “Ok”;

Step 5. In “Properties”, define the window you want to transmit to live and the capture method and, at the end, click “Ok”. All the contents of the added window will be transmitted in OBS Studio.

How to add webcam in OBS StudioStep 1. To add a webcam, click on “+” in the “Sources” section;

Step 2. Among the available modes, select the option “Video capture device”;

Step 3. Define a name for the source and click “Ok”;

Step 4. In the source properties, select the device responsible for capturing video and its settings, such as type of resolution, FPS and video format. At the end, click “Ok”.

Setting up microphoneStep 1. To add a microphone, click on “+” in the “Sources” section;

Step 2. In the categories, click on the option “Capture Audio Input”;

Step 3. Define a name for the source and click “Ok”;

Step 4. In “Device”, select the microphone responsible for capturing the voice and then click “Ok”.

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Adding text to the streamStep 1. In the “Fonts” section, click “+” to add text;

Step 2. Select the “Text” option from the available options;

Step 3. Type a name for the source and click “Ok”;

Step 4. In the properties, select the font you want to use and then enter the text that will be displayed on the transmission screen. At the end, click on “Ok”;

Step 5. After configuring the main features of OBS Studio, click on “Start transmission” to start the live. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to connect the transmission key to the live platform.