Super Mario: How Tall Is Luigi & 9 Other Odd Facts Nintendo"s iconic Mario franchise turned into an empire with millions of avid fans across the globe. But how much trivia do they know?

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The Mario franchise is perhaps one of Nintendo"s most iconic. Countless games, cinematic experiences and now even a theme park have all resulted from this idea about a video game plumber that players could go on numerous adventures with. Indeed the game series has continued to be one of the best selling and most fun set of titles on the Nintendo Switch and the company"s previous platforms.

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Despite its longevity and its place in the media landscape there"s still plenty of odd facts that both hardcore players and mainstream audiences might not know about these characters and this world. It may be as simple as a person"s height or perhaps the reason for a character"s creation, but there are certainly some strange details about this ongoing Nintendo series.

Super Mario Party Nintendo Switch Luigi High Five Wide
When playing any of the Mario games it seems difficult to think about applying real world measurements and physics. Afterall, both Mario and Luigi feel like tiny characters in a video game world without much relation to reality around the players.

According to Reddit and unofficial sources, what might be frightening is that Mario"s average height is actually 5 foot 1 inch or 155 centimetres. Of course, Luigi is even taller than his brother and comes it at around 5 foot 9 inches or 175 centimetres. Needless to say that it"s incredibly odd to think of these characters in these real world measurements.

It"s a well known fact that Mario and Luigi are brothers. While they don"t look all that alike besides the moustaches, they are clearly relatives and are often referred to as the Mario Bros (Luigi should probably take issue with this title). However, these siblings are actually closer than previously thought.

It turns out that they are not only brothers but are actually twins! Fraternal in nature, Mario is supposedly slightly older than Luigi, with Luigi benefitting from greater height. It"s an odd detail to include but it"s clear to see why these two hilarious plumbers are so in sync with one another.

Waluigi on Princess Peach's castle
Waluigi"s real world origins are firmly cemented in necessity, while his canon origins may be more complex and debated. The character"s very first appearance was actually in Mario Tennis in 2000. The game developers needed a villainous partner for Wario and therefore a copy of Luigi was born.

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In canon though, there"s a number of different takes on why Waluigi was really developed. Fans have discovered potentially fake excerpts from an old magazine which suggest that Waluigi was actually a hired actor. Strangely, the character seemingly has no history in the games, with a mysterious background and a stunning lack of appearances in any of the main titles.

7 Mario"s Ancestors

Toad, Mario, Luigi and Peach in the Super Mario Bros Show
The 1990s cartoon The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros 3 contains a lot of golden nuggets as to some other odd facts concerning these brothers. In one such episode, The Venice Menace the duo head to Italy to seek out who"s causing trouble in the quaint city.

When arriving there they learn about Marco Polo"s bid to hire two plumbers. These handymen are supposedly Mario and Luigi"s own ancestors, suggesting that the family business has run through generations and operated around some significant figures in human history.

From the playable characters in Super Sluggers to the drivers in Mario Kart there"s a wacky range of recognisable people to choose from when picking up the game for the first time. Noticeably amongst these rosters are characters like Boo and Dry Bones.

Other platforming games in the series feature ghosts, ghouls and various undead enemy types as well. That means that there"s a fully functioning afterlife in the Mario universe and what"s more, characters are able to pass between the great beyond and back. Luigi might need a bigger ghost busting machine!

5 Daisy And Peach"s Link

Familial relationships are a key part of the Mario franchise, although Princess Daisy and Princess Peach are often portrayed as best friends. No official Nintendo source has ever said anything different, but rumors have started to arise about their relationship.

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While some have assumed them to be a couple there are multiple sources that indicate they are actually family. Prima have been known for developing gameplay guides over the years and have maintained throughout their products relating to titles like Mario Kart that the pair are actually cousins!

Bowser is one of Mario"s most iconic enemies. Huge, intimidating and a monstrous creature, the character has been included in countless Mario titles. But his plans aren"t always up to scratch and could certainly leave some players quite confused as to what he was really going for.

For instance, Bowser once turned himself into a giant cat. Calling himself Meowser (as if it couldn"t get bad enough) Super Mario 3D World saw this supposedly dangerous feline unleashed upon players. The design may be even worse considering Bowser looked the same with a few additional cat-like features. The concept was rarely revisited after this.

3 Donkey Kong"s Name

Donkey Kong has become a staple of the Nintendo brand in general, featuring in both the Mario universe and branching out into a range of other titles of his own. The origins of the character"s name though is certainly a strange and interesting tale.

The Kong aspect of the name obviously comes from King Kong, the famous cinematic gorilla. However, the Donkey aspect of the name was a brainwave from creator Shigeru Miyamoto. When looking for a word in the English dictionary which meant dumb and stubborn, donkey fit the bill and thus Donkey Kong was born.

It may not have always been the plan to have Mario become the face of Nintendo. After all, his very first appearance was actually in another character"s game. Retro players will be familiar with the classic Donkey Kong title which sees Mario take on a dangerous mission, skipping over barrels and scaling ladders to the top of a great climb.

However, this wasn"t some tie-in title which introduced players to a new villain. Instead this was actually the first time Mario ever appeared in a video game, as a protagonist or perhaps even antagonist in some aspects to Donkey Kong! It"s good to see the legacy of both has remained intact so many years on.

1 Mario"s Many Jobs

Mario and his brother Luigi are well known for their day jobs as plumbers. However, over the years the duo have held a number of other roles as well. Nintendo have officially confirmed 7 jobs that Mario is qualified for including a doctor, racer, martial artist, baseball, soccer and basketball player.

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Yet looking across all of the Mario titles it becomes clear that he can do so much more. From playing tennis to being a carpenter, there may actually be 26 jobs in Mario"s arsenal. Some of the most bizarre include working in a brewery and fighting in the Vietnam war.

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