We all must admit that Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving are the outstanding point guards of their time. However, there have been many debates over the topic of who is better. 

There are many factors that we can mention to evaluate. From the title to the match stats, it shows the ability of the player. So are you wondering: “Who’s better Kyrie or Curry?” Let’s find out with Scott Fujita in this article!

Who is better Kyrie Irving or Stephen curry?

Brief Introduction: Who’s Better Kyrie or Curry?Achievement and StatisticsComparison Breakdown Between Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving

Quick kyrie irving vs steph curry Comparison Chart for 2021 Season


Stephen Curry’s stats is better than Kevin Durant

1. Inside Scoring

In the position of point guards, the scoring ratio of Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving is very remarkable. 

However, Kyrie Irving will be the winner here. Kyrie’s shooting rate at close range is 70%. Another amazing stat of Kyrie Irving is the shooting percentage in the penalty area – 83%. 

Steph Curry’s close range shooting rate is 63%. It is also a very impressive number. Through that, we can clearly see that Curry’s strength is 3-pointers.

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2. Outside Scoring

The answer was obvious, it was Steph Curry. In fact, Curry is probably the greatest shooter for outside scoring that the NBA has ever witnessed. An average shooting rate of 43.6% along with 3.4 three-pointers per game helps to prove this title. Stephen Curry appears in every three-point pitching record.

That’s not to say Kyrie Irving is inferior in this regard. For every 5.2 attempts from the straight line, he will succeed 2 times. In addition, he averages 38.8% shots from the ball.

3. Playmaking

His ability to play and control the game is what makes Steph Curry shine. His teammates also love Curry because of this quality. He is very quick and able to judge the situation. If things do not go well, Stephen Curry will immediately pass the ball to his teammates.

Kyrie is also adept at passing the ball. Usually, however, he would prefer to take the scoring position. 

Kyrie Irving’s offensive ability prevented him from sharing more with his teammates. Maybe that’s why Kyrie’s average dimes is 5.5 while Curry’s is 6.8.

4. Athleticism

If using looks as a criterion to judge Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving, we choose Kyrie. He’s one of the best-fit players in the NBA, according to Men’s Magazine. 

Flexibility and muscular strength bring high efficiency when attacking for Kyrie. In addition, he also has a great bounce. Stephen Curry is also a player with a beautiful body but not as good as Kyrie.

5. Defense

The task of the point guard has little to do with defense. So neither Stephen Curry or Kyrie Irving is too good at defence. This season, however, we’ll be picking Stephen Curry. He has an average of 1.3 steals, compared to Kyrie’s 0.9.

6. Rim Protection

Again, the job of a point guard is not to protect the rim. However, we would still choose Kyrie if possible. He averaged 0.8 blocks per game, which for Curry is quite modest (0.1). Kyrie can even block the opponent’s attacks and participate in defense more flexibly than Curry.

7. Rebounding

You can say that Stephen Curry is the best counter-attacker at the moment. Although their stats are not too far apart, we still have a winner.

Irving has 4.8 rebounds per game. It doesn’t mean that Uncle Drew is bad at recovery. His style of play barely consists of rebounds.

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Warriors like to play fast when attacking. It leads to a lot of bounces. As a result, Curry averaged 5.4 rebounds per game.

Final Words

Through the above comparison, we believe that you have chosen the winner. Stephen Curry has shown himself to be prominent in every respect. 

If we consider the title or the performance stats, Curry is superior. However, Kyrie Irving is still a bright star and he has enough time to shine even more in the future. Let’s look forward to more matches between the two of them!