Skateboarding becomes increasingly popular today. It is a board with a length of about 28 – 33 inches. It has small wheels in diameter. Also, you can use the board as a personal vehicle. The first question from beginner is, how long does it take to get good at skateboarding? And why you need to practice right now. Just after reading our article!

Skateboard perfectly develops a sense of balance, speed of reactions. Board is an ideal exercise machine for the muscles of the back, legs, and abdomen. Undoubtedly, a skateboard helps to keep fit and burn calories better than the gym. Half an hour of driving is excellent training. But not everyone can master skate quickly.

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Several Basic Secrets

Learn to observe. It all starts with this. You should go to the skatepark There you will see the special equipment for skateboarding. You should just watch it for the first time.If falling and injuries did not discourage the desire, then continue the training. You need to stand on the board with both feet and try to balance. Move your legs in places. Put one foot forward, the other – back, and vice versa.Did it work? Perfectly! Let’s move on. Identify the pushing leg. You can find out this on the stairs. Notice from which foot you step on the stairs.The last task was probably the easiest for you. Now it’s time to go outside and find out how to use a skateboard. There are unique criteria. Choose a flat road without descents and ascents. This basic rule is necessary so that the first trip went as smoothly as possible, without people and cars. This way, you can avoid obstacles and potential injuries.Now the most exciting moment begins. So, place the leading foot on the surface of the skateboard (in the front wheels). Push off with the other foot. As soon as you go, you need to put the push leg on the board and enjoy the flight. But don’t forget how to gain balance.If you learn to stop correctly, or instead do it without fear, the skate will become one of your best friends. Therefore, an easy way to stop is to brake on the ground. Remove the pushing leg from the skateboard and try to stop.When you feel more confident, you can look for places with small descents, hills, and racing. But you should always have moderation and common sense.By the way, if learning is for young children, then parents can install a game about skateboarding on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. In this way, the child will quickly learn all the tricks. Computer or console cames help to gain experience from world pro-riders.

Try to follow these useful tips for beginners. It helps you master the technique and avoid injuries.

Skateboard Selection


Tricks are a big deal. Don’t think that you will master them in a few weeks. Sometimes it takes months or even years.

Ollie is a simple jump in which a skateboard comes off the ground.Nollie – the same jump, but you do it from the main rack and by clicking forward.Flip – it’s like Ollie, but more complicated. The board should rotate during the jump.Grab is a trick in which a skateboarder grabs the board with his hands.Grind – sliding on the suspension.Slide – sliding on the board.Manual – balancing on one of the wheel axles of a skate.

5 Useful Tips for Beginners

Meet more experienced skateboarders, follow their recommendations.Warm-up before skateboarding to avoid injuries.Take your time. Begin to learn tricks only when you begin to feel the board and control the body.Learn video tutorials to understand your mistakes and the essence of movements.You will surely understand how to ride a skateboard and learn if you want.



Of course, it is not possible to give a direct answer to how long do you need to train to become a good (average) skater. This sport can be different. It may not necessarily be extreme with dangerous tricks. Learning time depends on desires and goals. If you plan to just drive at speed, then two weeks will be enough for you. If your goal is to learn a few tricks, then you should spend 1-2 months.

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Is it hard to ride a skateboard? – No. Anyone can learn to skateboard. Just choose your skate and follow a simple training system. Skateboarding becomes a special pastime for many people. No wonder this is not just a sport but a whole subculture.