Juul pod is a portable vaping device that can usually last you around 200 puffs. But of course, the answer to how long does a Juul pod last depends on the users, because each user vape differently. These Juul pods are also very popular among teens and young adults and are one of the products that are highly in demand.

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You’ll find ingredients such as glycerin and propylene glycol in low-fat foods, eggs, and flavorings, which the FDA considers safe.

However, just because they are in food doesn’t mean they are safe for inhaling. Research shows that these ingredients irritate the lungs lining.

Likewise, scientists find that nicotine can damage the lungs, parts of the heart, and circulatory systems in the long term. But the worst drawback is how addictive nicotine can get, and this addiction can cause lifelong problems.


Smoking Juul pods or traditional cigarettes can both cause serious health issues in the long-term.

Traditional cigarettes might have more chemicals and toxins than Juul pods. However, Juul pods also have a nicotine content of about 0.7 ml per pod.

And if you’re wondering how long does a Juul pod last, a single pod should last roughly 200 puffs, which is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes.

Therefore, this shows that Juul pods last compared to cigarettes, much longer.

How to refill Juul pods

The construction of Juul pods is such that it does not allow the refilling. However, there is a way to refill it with your favorite flavor.

Hence, if you are curious about how to refill Juul pods?

All you’ll do is remove the plastic mouthpiece and the stoppers. Then fill the holes with your favorite flavor. Put the piece back. Simple.

How to properly store your Juul pod?

The best way you can store your Juul pod is in a dry environment at room temperature.

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Juul pods will last you depending on how frequently you use them. While some people say that vaping is effective if you want to quit cigarettes; however, there is very little evidence to prove it. But when it comes to ease of use and convenience, Juul pods have high rates.



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