The process is kind of unique and exciting, and it is something that happens much more often than you may think.

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If you spend a lot of time in malls, you probably notice that the car selections on display will change from one week to the next.

How Do They Get Cars In The Mall?


There is a special door at the mall that will have a wide enough opening to drive a car through.

When you first look at a door like this, you will probably not be able to see the opening being wide enough for a car.

However, if you look closely, you will see that there are hinges in place that will help the door open quite wide.

These doors are opened completely by the professionals who work at the mall, the car is allowed to enter into the mall, and then the door is closed.

If a car is put into a mall or a building, it is driven very slowly through the location.

This is also almost always done when the mall is closed.

Malls tend to open a bit later in the morning than many other stores.

The reason for this is so that things like this can be set up and that stores can be restocked from the night before.

If you are wanting to try and catch a glimpse of a mall bringing a car in, you would have to see it very early in the morning.

The cars that are displayed inside the mall are typically from a local car dealer.

The people who drive these cars work for the dealership, not the mall.

They will have to coordinate with the staff at the mall to get this to work out, but in the end, the cars are not typically driven by mall employees.

The cars are changed out from time to time due to advertising schedules.

In addition, if a car dealer has a car on display that they need for their inventory, they may go to pick it up and replace it with another car.

Putting a car in a mall is a sales tactic that car dealerships have been using for a long time.

If you have ever wondered why that is, here are a few answers.

Why Do Car Dealerships Put Cars In Malls?


Now that you know how a car gets in a mall, you may be curious as to why a car dealership would put a car in the mall.

There are a few different reasons behind this, and they will change based on the dealership and what their goals are.

However, here are a few of the significant reasons a car dealership would put a car in a mall.

Advertise New Features


A new car typically has quite a few unique features that will help it stand out from previous models.

However, unless you are seeing these features up close and personal, you may have a hard time seeing how great they are.

Watching a commercial of the new vehicle or seeing a print ad is likely not going to be enough to give a potential buyer the full experience that they need.

However, if a car is on display in a mall and it can be walked around, sat in, and touched, the features start to come to life.

Something that you may have thought looked funny or unnecessary in a commercial will likely make you think differently when you see it in person.

The process of walking up to a car and examining it while it is in a mall is much better than doing so for a random car in a parking lot.

Chances are someone may think you have bad intentions if you try to admire their car in a parking lot.

However, for the cars in the mall, you are supposed to take your time and walk around and see what they have to offer.

If you spend 30 minutes walking around the car and sitting in it, it will not bother anyone.

Many car shoppers and buyers want to examine features in more detail before they purchase but rarely have the opportunity to do so without a salesman trying to sell them on the features of the car.

Display A New Model


New releases of car models are much anticipated.

Car manufacturers are going to want to make sure that the entire world knows about all of their cars’ features.

The reason is that people like things that are shiny and new.

If you are the first one in your neighborhood to be able to purchase a new release car, it will most likely turn heads.

This is something that matters a great deal to some people, and they will want to ensure that they have the latest and greatest of everything on the market.

If you are anxious to get your hands on a brand-new model of a vehicle, the mall may be a great place to look for it.

Malls know that people are anxious to see, and they have no problem changing out the vehicles that they bring in each week.

The new models of a vehicle only have that appeal for a short period of time, and it is a good idea to get as much visibility as a car company can for some time.

If you have driven Ford cars your entire life but don’t keep up with new releases in the car industry, you may have completely missed the fact that Ford has come up with some new designs or concepts.

Your next trip to the local mall could fill you in completely on what you need to know for future car ownership.

Less Stress Than Dealership


Have you ever dreaded the thought of having to go and purchase a new car?

If you have, you are not alone.

Many car dealerships put high pressure on their salespeople, and that pressure is carried over into what you feel when you are at the dealership.

Essentially, you will feel pressured to purchase and decide right away, even if you were just trying to browse.

Of course, the fact that there is more stress in a dealership means that you won’t have much time to look through and really check out the features of the vehicle.

The vehicle that is in the mall allows people to look at the car and get a feel for it and what they like.

The great thing about this is that there is no stress for the person who just wants to take some time to see if they really like the car.

Although some car dealerships are learning that this is the way that people like to shop, the majority will still try to talk to customers and convince them to buy.

If you are in no rush to purchase a vehicle and instead just want some time to casually look at your choices, then the mall can be a perfect place to see what is available.

The smart dealerships are realizing that the cars they have strategically placed in malls are helping them to sell a great number of vehicles.

Mall/Dealership Combinations


As we mentioned, the number one reason that people hate going to a car dealership is that they feel pressured, and it takes them a great deal of time.

If you are one of those people who can’t stand the hassle of shopping for cars, you may want to look at one of these hybrid car sales showrooms that you can find in a mall.

The exciting thing is that many car manufacturers and brands realized that the customers who were looking at cars in malls were actually quite serious.

Therefore, they started taking a car salesperson and letting him or her spend time watching what was going on with the car in the mall and answering any questions that may come up.

The result turns out to be something kind of like a small car dealership inside a mall.

The great thing about these mini pop-up dealerships is that they are much more laid back than a traditional car dealer.

The process of buying a car is getting quite a bit easier.

People are finding that the simpler the process is, the more likely they are to purchase a new car.

That is why you are seeing more from companies like Carvana that are simply delivering cars to the doorstep of the people who are interested in purchasing them.

With this type of service and being able to avoid the dealership completely, cars are selling faster than they have in the past, and the car dealers are quite happy with the results.

How Do They Get Cars Into Buildings?


A mall may not be the only place where you see cars for sale on display.

Cars are sold quite often by being on display in different areas like large corporate office buildings or even a medical facility.

The cars that get into these buildings are taken in through a large opening somewhere in the building.

Most of the time, the opening consists of a set of double doors that can be opened without a beam in the middle.

The doors are opened as wide as they can be, and the mirrors on the vehicle’s doors are typically folded in to help fit.

Another problem that these cars sometimes run into is the height of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is too high, it may not work inside a building.

If the measurements are very close, sometimes the car can be dropped down a tiny bit by letting a bit of air out of the tires.

This is typically not a perfect solution because the cars will need to look great once they have reached their final destination.

Many car dealerships will be quite specific about the cars that they choose to put in a mall simply because of the size of the vehicle and getting it through the doors of the building the right way.



Hopefully, you now feel like you have the insider scoop on how car dealerships can get their cars into malls and buildings.

The process is usually possible without too much trouble.

However, if you are thinking of putting a car inside a smaller building, it is essential that you check the opening to make sure that the height and the width are going to accommodate the vehicle.

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There is no questioning the fact that putting a car inside a mall can help sell cars, but it does have to get there first without any trouble.