How do you get a fishing pole or fishing rod? This is how to get fishing rod in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for Switch, PS4, PC, and Android!

The fishing rod or fishing pole is a type of tool used in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (LoH).

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The fishing rod is used to catch fish and get the piece of the third tablet. It will help you find the Harvest Sprite Dewy and eventually accomplish the main storyline.


However, getting a fishing rod can be a problem for people who have recently played Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PC, PS4, Switch, or Android.

So, we want to help those of you who struggle to find a fishing rod by making this specific post.

Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Get Fishing Rod

Where should I start?

The first thing you should know is that an aristocrat named Cyril will give you this fishing rod.

Once you"ve alreadygot a hammer, your next task is to gather as many required materials as possible from the wild, mines, or your farm to be able to repair the remaining damaged structures and buildings.

The Buildings That You Need to Repair

The damaged buildings that are the top priority to be repaired here are Cyril"s house and Doc"s architects (optional in this case).

Doc"s architects

Required materials: Material Stone 10x, Iron 3x, Glass 2xCost: 1000G

Cyril"s house

Required materials: Softwood Lumber 15x, Stone 5x, Tulip 3xCost: 1500G

My advice is that you collect some tulips from foraging or plant them on your farm during Spring. Buy the tulip seeds from Carol"s Florist Shop.

If you already have enough materials, repair the Doc"s architects immediately. And the next day, if you"re carrying the broken third tablet to his home, he will borrow it for research.

While you wait for Doc to finish his research, do something else. Repair Cyril"s house on the far-east, right part of the town.

Get a Fishing Pole from Cyril for Your Kindness

The next day, you find that someone (Cyril) is passed out in front of your house because of the pain of hunger. You are required to give him food. Just get him a bamboo shoot or cabbage. He will give you a fishing rod in return for your kindness.


Now your job is fishing the piece of the third tablet. You can get it from fishing in the water right outside the Harvest Goddess Spring or in the river near the location you found the broken third tablet dropped by Nova.

When you get that piece of the third tablet, Dewy, the blue cry baby sprite, will show up.

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That"s how to get the fishing rod in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for Switch, PS4, PC, and Android. I hope this helps!

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