After stumbling across them for my New Release this week, as they released "Compass", I had to explore their other music videos; especially since they are going to become a Disney boy band this year! This one is so catchy, much like "Compass", I seriously think they"ve won me over, and I shall be buying their songs as soon as I can afford to do so. In this comedic music video for "Enough About Me", Forever In Your Mind goes up against three girls in a series of dares at high school. Will there be a sequel? We sure hope so.Forever In Your Mind are a three-piece boy band, that first made their name known when The X Factor (US) put them together. After a line-up change, the group currently consists of Emery Kelly, Ricky Garcia, and Liam Attridge. Recently they have announced that they will have their own TV show on the Disney Channel, called "Forever Boys". This is bound to bring them more success, they could literally be the next Jonas Brothers, and that is saying somethingbecause look where they are now! The song was written by Liam Attridge, Ricky Garcia, Bill Grainer, Emery Kelly, and Doug Rockwell.The music video is a fun battle between the Forever In Your Mind guys and three girls, as they each pick a random dare from a jar. These dares are then later played out, some of which emphasises the boys" performance side of the music video.There are a total of 10 dares. These are, in order: eating a hot chilli pepper; dancing on the tables in the library; disco dancing in 80"s suits; jumping into a swimming pool, fully clothed; feet tickling; take silly selfies; moonwalk along a crossing; Ricky Garcia gets his hair platted; do the ice-bucket challenge, or it"s just pouring water over their heads; walk around in pyjamas.The boys end up doing the most dares, so I would say they won this battle. However, focus was on them the whole time, for the purpose of this music video, and so they had to be seen the most; especially considering the girls aren"t a part of Forever In Your Mind.As for the performance side of things, Forever In My Mind pulls off a school corridor amazingly. They have so much energy and are ready to try all sort of new things in front of the camera. They aren"t afraid at all, and it"s amazing to see.

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Imagine what they"d be like live. If they put all this much effort for a music video; on a stage, they"d be lightning! And considering they totally held back in the "Compass" music video means these guys are already made stars!
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