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This is a guide for the Voting Gauntlet event in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Here you kind find out how the Voting Gauntlet works, the current details, who you should vote for, as well as other information on this event.

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Voting Gauntlet

I can"t wait for this one! Fehhhhhh!

Which Army Should You Support?

Round 1

Tournament Bracket Pair 1

Scion Leif
Brave Claude

Congratulations, Shinon!

You are this Voting Gauntlet"s top archer!

Theories on which army you should support

1: Join the strongest party

In Voting Gauntlets, we generally recommend supporting the army that is currently the most powerful. Winning will net you 500 Hero Feathers, so we recommend this method for people who just want the reward and do not care about ranking.

2: Choose the army of a unit you already have

One of the important features of this mode is that if you use the hero who is also the leader of the army, the points you receive get boosted by 1.1x. If you hope to reach a high ranking in the event, we highly recommend doing this.

3: Purposefully choose a disadvantaged army

In Voting Gauntlets, an army will receive a boost in the amount of points they receive when they are behind. Using this, you can aim to take advantage of the bonus and help the army make a huge comback. This method is also useful for people who want a high ranking.

4: Choose the army of the hero you like the most

Since the acores constantly fluctuate, and disadvantaged armies can make big comebacks, it is impossible to say which army will win each time outright. If you just want to enjoy the event for what it is, we recommend joining the army of the character you like.

Voting Gauntlet Strategy

Use a Level 1 Unit

In Voting Gauntlet, you will not be able to cast a single vote if you lose the battle (you can try again if you lose). In order to definitely win each round, use your own Level 1 unit and a friend"s Level 40 unit. However, if you do not have any level 40 friends in the same army as you, this will not exactly work, so watch out for this at the start of each round.

Change the unit you will lend based on the army you support!

In Voting Gauntlet, the far left hero of your first team (the team leader) will join other players" teams. Choosing a unit for this whose color type has triangle advantage against the type of hero the army"s leader would have disadvantage against will ensure that things run more smoothly for allies.

Be careful of which unit you set as your team leader!

If you are using a Level 1 hero when battling, make sure that the furthermost left ally of your team 1 (the unit you will lend) is not level 1. Since this unit will go to your friends" teams, lending them a level 1 unit will make their battle much harder. Be sure and set a powerful hero here that other teammates will be able to reliably kill with.

Voting Gauntlet Rules

Win battles and earn the right to vote!

In order to cast votes for the army you support, you must first win a 3 on 3 battle. The three units that will appear are listed below.

The current team leader (The furthermost left unit on the team you have selected)A leader from another person in the same army (the lar left unit of their team 1)If you have a friend in the same army, their leader

Using these three units, you will enter battle, and winning earns you a chance to vote.

Cast votes for the army you support

When voting, your points are multiplied by five for each friend you have (maximum of 10), so the more friends you have, the higher your score. There is a special type of stamina used in this mode called Battle Ballots, and using multiple ballots at once will multiply your score.

By using 800 Battle Flags, you can multiply your score by a total of 100x, so if you do not have a lot of time to play this mode, using all of your Battle Ballots at once with the max amount of Flags is the most efficient method to get points. You earn another battle ballot every hour, and you can hold a maximum of eight.

Time Lapse Bonus

When your army is not losing, the points earned when voting are multiplied by the following formula: (1.05 + Hours Lapsed x 0.05). There are 45 hours in eah round, so the max bonus is 3.25 times.

Huge bonus when army is at a disadvantage

When an army is losing at the start of an hour, it will gain a 3x bonus. Along with the time lapse bonus, the points this army can cast will grow to around 7.5 times.

Receive Hero Feathers based on the points earned

In the Voting Gauntlet, you can earn Hero Feathers for winning each round as well as for your total point ranking. If you are on the hunt for more Hero Feathers, you should fully take advantage of this mode.

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Each Voting Gauntlet has a different theme and set of heroes to support, and there are various Missions to be completed by participating, as well as a ton of Hero Feathers to earn. You can obtain lots of items just by playing this event a little bit, so be sure and participate when it is active. There is also always a summon event featuring heroes from the upcoming Voting Gauntlet.

Current Events

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