REMEMBER: DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK..DO FOLLOW STEPS SO THAT YOU WONT ENCOUNTER ANY PROBLEMS.! Thinking that your phone is bricked?? Ever wonder how to get the hell out of the ""Fastboot mode started udc_start()""..??Worry not.. The help is here..
) Note: *This usually happens when you flash something and failed.*Don"t worry your device is not fully bricked.. There are many ways to fix this.. *Before proceeding please make sure your phone is charged even if the backlight is always on while charging..* Remember make sure LG UNITED (Driver of your phone) is already installed (to avoid PHONE WAS NOT FOUND)!!!!!!*This will restore your Original Rom. *This Works On All Variants Of Optimus One (LG-P500,LG-P505,LG-P506,LG-P509) and other few devices*For the Prerequisites (Below)..Prerequisites:*KDZ Updater/Lg United*Windows Pc/Usb cableINSTRUCTIONS:STEP 1:Download the prerequisites. Disable all LGE modems under modems from Windows device manager inthe control panel.. (Simply click start then type ""Device manager"" click it. then you will see there under MODEMS)STEP 2:Exract the files..Open the KDZ Folder to your desktop and Right click on the "KDZ_FW_UPD.exe" andclick RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.STEP 3:Open the "Original firmware" folder and run it, type the serial number on the blank form entry. You canFind you serial number on the back of you phone, remove the battery and look for the sticker attached to you phone.If you fail to launch this software, you will have to install net. framework 4.0, just open your browser and type NET.framework 4.0. Download it and install. After this you are able to run the software.After you type down the serial number of your device click save and just save it on you DESKTOP. Wait until it is finished. This takes some time.Internet connection needed as this software is downloading the ""KDZ file"" needed for the "KDZ_FW_UPD.exe".STEP 4: Now lets go to your phone,press and hold both the back(return) button and the volume up button and simultaneously connect the USB cable.. (The phone should light up and say Emergency mode!! in a green The phone should light up and say Emergency mode!! in a GREEN/YELLOW background. (if not don"t continue...)STEP 5:After the download lets go back to "KDZ_FW_UPD.exe" .. Follow this settings... TYPE:3GQCTPHONE MODE: DIAG Select the cab file (the one you downloaded ""KDZ file"" located at DESKTOP) The versionwill depend on the ""KDZ file"" you downloaded. EX: (mine is V10F_00.kdz so the version will be V10F_00) after thisclick "LAUNCH SOFTWARE UPDATE"" THIS WILL TAKE SOME TIME..... WAIT FOR IT....For most of you it would probably say PHONE WAS NOT FOUND!..To avoid this please make sure you havefollow my note written above..STEP 6:DONE... ITS ALL FIX NOW.. YOUR PHONE WILL REBOOT NORMALLY WITHOUT THE "FASTBOOT MODE STARTED UDC_START()" :good: :highfive: STEP 7:AND FINALLY....

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