"You may not know it Harry but the night you vanquished the dark lord, you made yourself the enemy of all his followers. I'm afraid that if you resign from the school then you'll leave yourself vulnerable." He old man explained in a sad voice as if it was his life they were talking about. "So I can not sign this parchment of yours in a good conscience my boy."

Harry sneered at him in return "I didn't knew that this school was a prison. I'm frankly quite appalled by the length in which you'll go in order to keep the boy-who-lived in your school."

"Oh It's quite alright Minerva. It's quite alright. He's an angry child and it's within his rights to throw a few tantrums every now and then." He explained in a calm and understanding manner and Harry was floored by his shamelessness..

But he knew that getting angry at this point would only give ever more credence to Dumbledore's words so he remained calm.

"Regardless of whether you see me as a child or not is not the point here. I would once again ask you to sign that piece of parchment so that I could leave this third class school of yours and find some other school where I would actually be able to learn something."

"I'm afraid you'll need the signature of your muggle and magical guardian in order to leave the school my boy. And seeing as I'm your magical guardian and I cannot sign the parchment for your safety, I'm afraid you'll have to remain here until you're deemed strong and wise enough to protect yourself on your own."

"Wait right there. You're saying that you're my magical guardian?" he asked incredulously even though he already knew that to be the case. But if he doesn't show any shock at the news then Dumbledore would get suspicious.

"And can I ask who made you my magical guardian?" he asked in mocking voice that showed what he thought about Albus being his magical guardian.

"I'm afraid that I'm the magical guardian of every muggleborn student that attends the school and.."

"And I'm not a muggleborn student. So I'll ask you again. Why are you my magical guardian. Didn't my parents left a will before they died or did they actually not see you for the manipulative old bastard you are and made you my magical guardian instead."

"Oh it's quite alright Minerva. He's an angry young man. I remember the times I when I was a young man myself. I also had my moments when I became very angry and did foolish things. In fact, there was this one time when..."

At that point, Harry thought that he'd heard enough from the old man and interrupted him instead.

"Please forgive me if I'm not interested in your history Headmaster. But let's get back on the topic. How did you become my magical guardian? Did my parents not left a will behind or did they actually made you my magical guardian." he asked.

"Just tell me alright. I want to know why I was chucked off to Dursleys who were not only muggles but also abused me at a daily basis instead of sending me to a magical family where I would at least be treated like a human. And since you're my magical guardian then…" he paused and scrunched up his nose in frustration "You were the one who sent me to the Dursleys didn't you." He accused with a snarl and Mcgonagall and Dumbledore both flinched at his words.

"You did. Didn't you. Oh my god. You were the people who sent me to live with my abusive relatives." He said and managed to look thoroughly shocked even though he knew that news ever since he came to this world. In fact, he was acting quite well so far.

"You sent me to live with my abusive relatives and never checked if I was even alive. Is guess it must have be too low priority of a task for the Great Albus Dumbledore to visit a lowly abused child like me, wouldn't it?"

"11 YEARS!!!" he shouted. "For 11 years I lived in an abusive home. Do you know how much time it takes for someone with a Pheonix to flame from one place to another and check if your ward is even alive or not. Do you? My guess would be two minutes at most. At most."

"You were so busy you couldn't find two minutes to check up on your ward in 11 years. And I'm supposed to believe that."

By now Mcgonagall was almost at the edge of crying and Dumbledore looked as guilty as he should have though Harry could never tell if his emotions were true or not. The man was a master in the craft of manipulations after all.

"I lived in the cupboard under the stairs for god's sake. If you had taken two minutes out of your day then you would have seen how they treated me worse than an animal but you were to busy for such things weren't you. I wonder what the headlines will say if I tell the prophet about it."

"Oh fuck you too you old hag. You're no better than him. You won't even stop someone bullying my friend just because we can't produce any physical evidence. Do you think I hold any more respect for you than I do for the old fart over here."

"Mr Potter." Dumbledore snapped all of a sudden and suddenly, large amount of magic surged out of his body creating an oppressive atmosphere in the room, pressuring him from all the sides as Dumbledore looked like the Most Powerful man in Wizarding Britain. The man who even Voldemort was scared of fighting.

"I know I've made mistakes but I'll not allow you to stand there and disrespect me and my colleagues like that." He thundered and Harry almost felt intimidated. Almost. And would have if he himself was not rather powerful himself.

In truth, he knew he was no match for Dumbledore. At least for now. But he also knew that he was 3-4 times more powerful than an average child of his age and would probably even surpass Dumbledore when he becomes older.

There is a reason why the original Harry was able to disperse hundreds of Dementors in this 3rd year. A feat that even most adult wizards are incapable of performing.

There was a reason why he was able to stand against Voldemort on his own even if only for a brief amount of time.

But despite that, the original Harry Potter was not known as a very powerful person simply because he never truly focused on his magic and was never truly trained by any adult.

He released his magic and pitted it against Dumbledore and even though his magic was no match against the raging thunderstorm that was Albus Dumbledore, he was perfectly capable of negating it's effect from his body and stopped feeling any pressure at once.

"Is this what you do when people accuse you of being a miserable cunt. You show your power and pressure them into submission so that they will be too scared of going against you." He said and suddenly all the pressure in the room disappeared at once and Dumbledore suddenly looked ashamed.

"You know what the funny thing is?" he asked "Voldemort..." cue for Mcgonagall's flinch that reminded him that she was in the office as well "...might have killed my parents but it was you who sent me to live in an abusive environment. He was the one who took my parents from me but you were the one who made my life hell. So for me, you're actually worse then Voldemort."

"Mr Potter." Mcgonall gasped looking scandalized. She seems to be donning that expression a lot lately "How could you say that?"

Harry just shrugged in response. In truth, he knew that he might accuse the old man for treating him like shit but in the end, the old man would just take out the card of 'For The Greater Good' and then everyone would go back to licking the old man's toes once again so there was not much point in taking these accusations any further.

"The main point is." He said and pointed at the resignation letter that had been discarded in the table "Are you going to sign that letter or not?"

"I'm afraid I'll be putting you in grave danger if I did that my boy." Dumbledore said, looking immensely sad at his fate and shook his head slowly "Thus I can't sign this in good conscience."

"Ah… It's good to know that this school can be used as a prison as well. Good to know what kind of low life you actually. My parents would have killed you for treating me this way if they knew what you did to me. And what you're doing to me. It's so convenient for you that they're dead aren't they."

"Mr Potter." Mcgonagall looked so sad by now that he almost felt pity for her because unlike Dumbledore, she didn't use her emotions as a weapon and if she looked at sad then she must really be that sad. Which was a bit sad in itself because he knew that she actually liked his Lily and James Potter quite a bit.

"So you will not sign the paper and will keep me in your school as a prisoner. Is that correct?" he asked and Dumledore simply nodded his head, looking disappointingly at him like Harry was the one who had done something wrong and not the other way around. The old manipulative bastard.

"See you around then." He said and left the office without looking back at the two distraught looking people he left behind.

As soon as he left the gargoyle the anger in his face ebbed away and a serene expression took it's place instead.

After all, he knew from the start that Dumbledore would not allow him to leave the school at any cost let alone magical Britain. After all, if he truly left Britain for good then what of the prophesy.

Moreover, he had still not copied even a hundredth of all the books in the library from the Room of Requirement so he did not wanted to leave the school yet anyway.

Now if he stops going to some classes, like those of Snape, Binns and Quirrel, then the Headmaster would not be able to accuse him of anything since he never wanted to remain in this school in the first place.

He might even stop going to the Transfiguration class since there was truly nothing that he could learn from the old hag. Though in truth, the same went for his Charms classes as well. But he liked Professor Flitwick and did not want to cause any inconvenience for the diminutive professor.

So with a smile, he went back to the Room of Requirement where he would be able to do some reading on the Extension charms.


In truth, I did not meant to write this chapter in order to bash Dumbledore and Minerva.

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I generally don't even like the novels in which the main character bashes other people left and right for the smallest reason.

But Harry wanted freedom in Hogwarts to do as he wished, so he had to have some form of leverage on the Old man.

That's all there is to it.

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Regardless, if you enjoyed the bashing, then good for you :)

And as always.

Thanks for reading :)

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