I'm planning on structure a gaming COMPUTER in a pair of weeks. I have actually never played fall out new vegas and i really desire to give it a swarm. What are some of the finest mods that will improve my experience without transforming it as well much?


Tright here are some mods and also utilities out tbelow that objecitvely improve the game without interfering with its core. These normally influence performance and attend to leftover worries, of which tbelow are many kind of. Once you've played the game enough, you'll recognize what you desire adjusted and can install any type of added mods according to your demands.

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You require the following:

FNV BSA Decompressor - Recompresses the game assets right into an extra reliable compressed format that'll help boost game performance and fill times.

New Vegas Script Extender - Required by many mods, adds added functionality to game scripts that various other mods deserve to make use of.

FNV 4GB Patcher - Enables the game to use more mechanism memory, up to 4GB rather of the 2GB by default.

JIP LN NVSE Plugin and JohnnyGuitar NVSE - Script extender plugins that introduce more manuscript features for other mods to usage, also deal with engine-level issues in the game.

Preconfigured FalloutCustom.ini file - A drop-in config file with all the recommfinished and also forced tweaks to your game.

New Vegas Anti Crash and also New Vegas Tick Fix - Address the absence of exemption handling in particular components of the game engine and avoids your game from arbitrarily crashing and also burning. In case you haven't noticed this much, the NV engine is a mess.

Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP is where the game content fixes start. This is the many comprehensive, likewise the a lot of basic in functionality.

Unmain Patch NVSE - This complements YUP in addressing what might not be addressed without the usage of NVSE features.

Asterra's Many kind of Fixes - To resolve a big variety of bit points, prefer misplaced objects, spelling errors and so on.

Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod - Addresses misaligned sights and also the choose with the weapon models.

Navmesh fixes and renovations - Will noticeably boost the pathing of companions and also other non-player characters, with less opportunity of them getting stuck on somepoint.

Character Expansions Revised - A standalone, pretty lightweight mod to address the general ugliness of ingame characters, while staying true to their original style.

lStewieAl's Tweaks - A big variety of configurable game fixes and tweaks. You might want to take it straightforward through this one at initially, yet it's nevertheless helpful.

Not for this fundamental construct, yet if you desire to mod further, you'll need these:

The Mod Configuration Menu - Several of the heavier and complicated mods function an ingame configuration menu, they call for this to be set up if you want to usage it.

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FNV Mod Limit Fix - If you want to carry out hardcore modding and also install many plugins, you'll require this, otherwise the game will certainly cap at 130 plugins and also you'll have worries.