City hall Mayor For A Day is one of the side missions in Fallout 76 Legendary Weapon which will remunerate you with an amazing weapon on the off chance that you complete it. In this mission, you will need to examine the civic chairman’s office which found in Watoga Municipal Center.

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The rewards you will get for completing this quest are:

1 All Rise, a modified Super Sledge legendary weaponMayor’s Hat and Clothes1 Crumpled FedoraRandom Ammo8 Stimpak

So, let’s start the ‘Mayor For A Day’ quest in Fallout 76 Legendary Weapon!

When you approach Watoga down in Fallout 76 Power Armor, you should receive a transmission in your Pip-Boy asking you to check out the Mayor in the Watoga Municipal Center. So, head to the Watoga Municipal Centre to find the mayor’s terminal.


Scrap Weapons to Get Weapons Plans

Another incredible method to get more weapon plans is to scrap weapons you’re not utilizing. By and large, it’s nice to scrap any copy weapons, or ones that have specific low use. To do this, simply head to any making station, from that point you need to slect ‘scrap things’. Select what you need to scrap and hit scrap. You’ll check whether you get any mods from it through pop-ups onscreen.

Fallout 76 Legendary Weapon Mods

Infrequently, you’ll run over extraordinary weapons that have a star close to their name. These are amazing weapons with unbelievable impacts or mods on them. These weapons are quite often found by plundering the bodies of Legendary adversaries. You will not experience these foes over and over again, except if you realize where to look. We’ve recorded a portion of the Legendary impacts that you’ll discover applied to Legendary weapons beneath:

Hostile to Armor – Ignores half of your objective’s shield.Hostile to Tank – Ignores half of the objective’s reinforcementProfessional killer’s – +10% harm to peopleBerserker’s – Deal more harm the lower your Damage ResistanceBloodied – bargain more harm when at lower wellbeingConcussive – +33% opportunity to hit with VATSKiller’s – +50% harm when the objective’s wellbeing is beneath 40%Dangerous – Bullets detonate on sway, adding +15 harm for every shotExterminator’s – Does half more harm against Mirelurks and bugs.Irate – Each conscecutive hit on an objective arrangements more harmFiend Slayer’s – Does half more harm against Ghouls.Tracker’s – Does half more harm against creatures.Impelling – Does twofold harm if the objective is at full wellbeingAddict’s – Deal more harm the more chem withdrawal impacts you at present have.Surgeon’s – V.A.T.S. crits will recuperate you and your gathering.Freak’s – Damage expanded by 10% on the off chance that you are mtated.Freak Slayer’s – +30% harm to Super MutantsEndless – Unlimited ammunition limit.Nighttime – Does expanding measures of harm around evening time, less harm during the day.Stalker’s – If not in battle, +100% V.A.T.S. exactness at +50% AP cost.Silencer’s – Reduce your objective’s harm yield by 20%for 3 seconds.Investigator’s – +30% harm to robots.Two Shot – Shoots an extra shot.Radical’s – +30% harm to Ghouls.

Fallout 76 Legendary Weapon Farming

When you begin hitting the more significant levels in Fallout 76 (50 or more), you’ll need to begin searching for the absolute best weapons in the game. The primary method to get Legendary Weapons in Fallout 76 is to slaughter Legendary foes. Issue is, they’re not too normal, except if you realize where to look that is. We’ve recorded some surefire approaches to cultivate Legendary Weapons in Fallout 76 Legendary Weapon beneath, you should simply search out these occasions and worker bounce until you track down every one.

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Uranium Fever – this occasion will trigger in the Blackwater Mine territory. You’ll go head to head against up to three unbelievable adversaries that will drop undeniable level stuff.Missing Armaments – this occasion can be found at the RobCo Research Center. You’ll take on two Mr Gutsy adversaries then a last unbelievable foe situated inside the office.Swarm Events – all crowd occasions tracked down everywhere will have a pioneer who is consistently amazing.One Violent Night – found in the upper righthand corner of the guide. This occasion consistently finishes by going head to head against an unbelievable Wendigo foe.Head of the Pack – situated in the Fairgrounds territory, this occasion generates amazing wolves.