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Book description

A comprehensive collection of 8 books in 1 offering electronics guidance that can"t be found anywhere else!

If you know a breadboard from a breadbox but want to take your hobby electronics skills to the next level, this is the only reference you need. Electronics All-in-One For Dummies has done the legwork for you — offering everything you need to enhance your experience as an electronics enthusiast in one convenient place.

Written by electronics guru and veteran For Dummies author Doug Lowe, this down-to-earth guide makes it easy to grasp such important topics as circuits, schematics, voltage, and safety concerns. Plus, it helps you have tons of fun getting your hands dirty working with the Raspberry Pi, creating special effects, making your own entertainment electronics, repairing existing electronics, learning to solder safely, and so much more.

Create your own schematics and breadboardsBecome a circuit-building expertTackle analog, digital, and car electronicsDebunk and grasp confusing electronics concepts

If you"re obsessed with all things electronics, look no further! This comprehensive guide is packed with all the electronics goodies you need to add that extra spark to your game!

Table of contents

Introduction Book 1: Getting Started in Electronics Chapter 1: Welcome to Electronics Chapter 2: Understanding Electricity Chapter 3: Creating Your Mad-Scientist Lab Chapter 4: Staying Safe Chapter 5: Reading Schematic Diagrams Chapter 6: Building Projects Chapter 7: The Secrets of Successful Soldering Chapter 8: Measuring Circuits with a Multimeter Chapter 9: Catching Waves with an Oscilloscope Book 2: Working with Basic Electronic Components Chapter 1: Working with Basic Circuits Chapter 2: Working with Resistors Chapter 3: Working with Capacitors Chapter 4: Working with Inductors Chapter 5: Working with Diodes and LEDs Chapter 6: Working with Transistors Book 3: Working with Integrated Circuits Chapter 1: Introducing Integrated Circuits Chapter 2: The Fabulous 555 Timer Chip Chapter 3: Working with Op-Amps Book 4: Beyond Direct Current Chapter 1: Getting into Alternating Current Chapter 2: Building Power Supplies Chapter 3: Understanding Radio Chapter 4: Working with Infrared Book 5: Doing Digital Electronics Chapter 1: Understanding Digital Electronics Chapter 2: Getting Logical Chapter 3: Working with Logic Circuits Chapter 4: Working with Flip-Flops Chapter 5: Introducing Microcontrollers Book 6: Working with Arduino Microprocessors Chapter 1: Introducing Arduino Chapter 2: Creating Arduino Sketches Chapter 3: More Arduino Programming Tricks Chapter 4: An Arduino Proximity Sensor Book 7: Working with BASIC Stamp Processors Chapter 1: Introducing the BASIC Stamp Chapter 2: Programming in PBASIC Chapter 3: More PBASIC Programming Tricks Chapter 4: Adding Sound and Motion to Your BASIC Stamp Projects Book 8: Working with Raspberry Pi Chapter 1: Introducing Raspberry Pi Chapter 2: Programming in Python Chapter 3: Reading Digital and Analog Input Book 9: Special Effects Chapter 1: Building a Color Organ Chapter 2: Animating Holiday Lights Chapter 3: Building an Animatronic Prop Controller

Product information

Title: Electronics All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition Author(s): Doug Lowe Release date: February 2017 Publisher(s): For Dummies ISBN: 9781119320791


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