I re-watched that arc and then wondered why Vegeta told Cabba something like "we are evenly matched in our base form".

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After Vegeta started training at Beerus' place, wasn't base Vegeta supposed to be stronger than super saiyan Vegeta before Whis trained him?

Maybe that simply means : average base saiyans from universe 6 >= super saiyan universe 7 (Dragon ball Z)?

If that is the case, Cell would be ashamed.

Also, was Vegeta using super saiyan 1 or super saiyan 2 during that time?

To me it would make more sense for Goku and Vegeta to go super saiyan 2 all the time instead of SS1 since any particular draw backs was never explicitly mentioned for SS2. I have a hard time telling them apart in DB Super.


Super Saiyan 2 is still a more draining form in comparison to Super Saiyan, so while it does offer a strength increase over Super Saiyan, it's one that they may feel isn't balanced well with the drain associated with it.

And with Vegeta, it's really hard to tell, as outside of lightning in the aura, there's no clear difference with him. With Goku, the hair style changes enough that it can be discerned readily.

Super Saiyan 2 is still a more draining form in comparison to Super Saiyan

Since it was never talked about in the episodes I thought it wasn't the case.

For some reasons, I read somewhere that SS2 was as efficient or easier to maintain than SS1 because of whatever.

So, would it be right to say that the main characters use SS2 each time (unless explicitly said SS1) they go super saiyan?

The Vegeta bit is actually sort of a mistranslation/misinterpretation.

Vegeta across multiple translations and mediums statement is more akin to, “you can fight with me” rather than him being equal.

Vegeta then completely bodying Cabba should also make this evident.

DBS Ep. 37

Context: Vegeta and Cabba fight more or less equally.

 09:11 | Vegeta: "Impressive. In our normal states, you're evenly matched with me."

(Taken from Herm's fact checker for DBS)

Base Vegeta=Base Cabba

I felt it was pretty stupid how base Vegeta = base Cabba. Also Caulifla was stronger than Cabba but also tired base Goku > SS2 Caulifla

I agree that tournament of power arc was weird.

At some point it made it look like SS Goku > SSB Vegeta because of Kale.

This was ridiculous; they tried to hype Cabba but there's no way that lackluster is stronger than Super Buu. Edit: in base form.

Well yes, the Saiyans of Universe 6 seem more like how Goku and Vegeta are now, they aren't cold hearted planet conquerors looking for cheap victories and puffing out their chest, they seem to try to be stronger where as until he met Goku Vegeta and the others seemed stuck at their base power level, so with an entire race of Saiyans striving to get stronger it's no wonder the species is so much stronger, but again Cabba is a high level even amongst them, but look at the likes of Goten, Trunks and Gohan, if they trained properly given their natural abilities they would all be able to outclass Goku and Vegeta easily, so hard to say that the U6 Saiyans are stronger on average when the only 3 we see fight are especially powerful members of the race.

SSJ 2 may have the natural drawback of the SSJ forms, SSJ they trained in the HTC to control like their base form with no draw backs, no telling if they managed this with SSJ 2, as mastering SSJ seemed to take months of them staying in their SSJ form, inside the HTC this was fine, in the real world not so much, and Goku didn't seem to be staying in SSJ 2 in otherworld either, it also minimises training gains, as everything you do is 100x easier in SSJ 2 so training in SSJ 2 basically should give you only 1% of the gains that training the same way is base gives, which they mention in a way in Super, Goku and Vegeta train in base with Whis to maximise their gains and it works tremendously.

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The thing with Cabba though to me is quite silly, base Goku is meant to be on equal footing as final form Frieza right? Vegeta is as strong as Goku, and base Cabba is equal to base Vegeta post additional training with Whis AND 3 years training with Goku in the HTC, so how is final form Frieza able to manhandle base Cabba? Frieza has only done mental training to offset his stamina drain in his gold form, Cabba has trained since fighting Vegeta, so base Cabba should curb stomp final form Frieza.

This to me goes to enforcing the idea that Vegeta and Goku have 2 different base powers regular base and god ki base, god ki base is what Goku fought Frieza with, whilst regular base is what Vegeta fought Cabba with, which makes sense as otherwise how can they go SSJ and SSB? SSJ must be SSJ without god ki power but SSB is SSJ with god ki power right?