With Imposing Presence! God of Destruction Toppo Descends!!威風堂々! 破壊神トッポ降臨!!Ifudōdō! Hakaishin Toppo kōrin!

Script: Hiroshi Yamaguchi; Storyboard/Director: Kazuya Karasawa; Animation Supervisor: Yoshitaka YashimaSource: Animage

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I am really late but I want to post this anyways. I think it's BS that Toppo is allowed to become a GoD in this tournament. Sure, it's probably a way to have Goku or Vegeta surpass a GoD, but the purpose of this tournament is to see which universe has the strongest mortals. By making Toppo a GoD, Universe 11 is basically saying "our mortals are too weak, so we need to have a GoD in our team to win." IMO, it's no different than having a GoD participate in the tournament in the beginning of the tournament.

But that's just my opinion.

I see what you mean, but think about it. GoDs aren't just chosen and they can hakai. They need to undergo special, rigorous training. Even people like Krillin or Tien might have died from the training we saw Vegeta and Goku undergo, and that wasn't even actual GoD training. If there's one way to show a mortal being strong, its showing he can become a GoD.

Also, to be fair, the purpose of the tournament was to entertain Grand Zeno

I know I'm late to Super and no one will see this. I know power levels have been more than a little wonky, but I like that strategy/techniques have become part of the fights again. It reminds me of the World Tournament in Dragon Ball which is one of my favorite parts of the series.

ok I think super will end by universe 7 wining obviously so what goku will do is ask zen chan if he can revive all the universes but merge them this will be good because we can get some other character story like cabba justitce squad and tornaments by zeno so that it cauld go on for ever

Idk of this has been mentioned yet but some friends and I were thinking if Goku’s UI is primarily defensive, and Vegeta’s elevated SS Blue is super offensive and aggressive. A fusion of the two different powers could make the Ultimate form.

I would love to see the fusion in the final episode but unfortunately they wrote fusion out of the show after Black Arc and Beerus doesn’t want them to fuse because a fusion elimination is a two for one

Why is toppo surprised for freeza to have survived his ball of death? i mean if he failed to the Energy ball of death frieza would have obviously died and Toppo disqualified (also i find this the best scenario as you would have 3 earth seven agains jiran...)

On the other hand, am i the only one that find it very stupid of toppo to go shooting energy balls of absolute death in a tournament where killing equals disqualification? or now that god ki is basically just a power multiplier of regular ki with some perks, the energy of absolute death that until now could destroy everything (if its not overcome) now magically can not destroy things.

He wasn't surprised Freeza survived. He was surprised Freeza is conscious and still on the arena. Freeza already had survived Destruction Energy on episode 94.

In which episode of DBS was it stated that Beerus was just pretending to be serious in his fight with SSG Goku? I don't remember hearing that.

Episode 13.

Whis: “Saying that you acknowledged Goku-san and would bring out 100% of your power was just a means of drawing out his full power. It was a lie, wasn’t it?”Beerus: “You knew, didn’t you? Hmph.”thanks to /u/vlorsutes who already previously clarified this point.

Don't quite remember that exactly, but i remember episode 18 at the end Whis explains to the Oracle Fish that if the huge tree in Beerus' planet was the level of GoDs then Goku and Vegeta are barelly a small branch next to him, which i guess still proves the point that he was pretending to be serious

I thought I'd seen the markings on Toppo's chest before, it's the Hakaishin's mark on Belmod/Vermouths garb. Nice touch.

Honestly i think there is some story of Toppo and Jiren being rivals, Toppo already a hakai shin disciple worries about one day becoming a force of destruction and Jiren promising becoming strong enough to stop him when times come.

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Toppo obviously grew a lot stronger but I won't believe he's stronger than Jiren until he tanks a Final Flash with his eyes.