Regarding the new AD Carry itemization implemented for Season 6, we have some new options. I try to main the ADC role, but I feel like itemization just got a little more confusing. (it felt fairly simple before, most ADC"s all bought the same items).

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So the question is, when (or on which champions) is it a good idea to pick Rapid Firecannon over Statikk Shyv or Phantom Dancer?

They all grant some sort of bonus to attack speed, movement, and critical strike. Riot says RF is better for "sieging", but I mean, we all siege.


They all give similar stats but it"s their unique perks that set them apart.

Statikk Shiv gives better wave clear and area damage in teamfights, with the lightning damage proc. Pick this one if you have a teamfighting comp or need more waveclearing power on champs such as vayne or quinn.

Phantom Dancer gives better dueling potential through the reduced damage taken from your current target. Pick this is you like to split push and often end up in 1v1 situations.

Rapid Firecannon gives longer auto attack range and bonus damage on your next attack. You can hit towers from outside their attack range with it which is why Riot says this is best for sieging. Pick this if you have a heavy objective sieging or poke comp.


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