inproceedingsGonzlez2008DigitalIP, title=Digital image processing, 3rd Edition, author=R. Gonz'alez and R. Woods, year=2008Published 2008Computer Science

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The article discusses the segmentation algorithm of digital image based on the measurement contrast of fine detail in the normalized CIELAB system and shows that the proposed method improves the accuracy of the focus when photographed images in low light. Expand
An interactive, semiautomatic image segmentation method which processes the color information of each pixel as a unit, thus avoiding color information scattering, and has also good performance in gray level and low contrast images. Expand
Computer Science2014 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications (ATC 2014)2014
An automatic algorithm to deform document images resulting from document scanning using smartphone camera is proposed, which demands simple computation, which helps to obtain low complexity and short running time for smartphone application. Expand
Image segmentation is the process of partitioning a digital image into multiple segments. Segmentation is fundamental step in analyzing and understanding an image. In this paper, different… Expand
An interactive, semiautomatic image segmentation method is presented which, unlike most of the existing methods in the published literature, processes the color information of each pixel as a unit,… Expand
The teaching experimental system for this course has functions of basic gray level transformation, histogram processing, spatial filtering, frequency domain filtering, noise reduction, edge detection, and morphological operation and can be regarded as the assistant tool for digital image processing course teaching. Expand
The goal of this paper focuses on reviewing denoise methods, classifying them into different categories, and identifying new trends, and doing experiments to compare pros, cons of methods in survey. Expand
The results show that the proposed face databases in JPG and BMP formats produced good enhancement and increased the face recognition rate in all techniques when compared with AT&T ORL face database. Expand
computer vision. The role of image segmentation is to decompose an image into parts that are meaningful with respect to the particular applications. Subsequent methods for image description,… Expand
This review isprimarily focussed on three objective quality assessment methods viz. (full reference image quality assessment (FR-IQA), reduced reference imageQuality assessment (RR- IQA), and No reference imagequality assessment (NR-IQa). Expand

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