Eris Morn sends Destiny 2 players on a quest to honor the Memory of Omar Agah, a fallen Hunter from her fireteam who lost his knives.

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Destiny 2"s Shadowkeep expansion sends players back to the Moon to uncover the secrets of the Hive and a deeper threat from the Darkness. But for NPC Eris Morn, the Destiny 2 expansion puts the focus on reconnecting with the fireteam members she lost during the descent into Crota"s lair. Each week, Eris will have a different Moon quest (called memories in the lore) for players to complete, and one that has caught many players" attention is the Memory of Omar Agah.

The Memory of Omar Agah quest in Destiny 2 revolves around honoring the fallen Hunter from Eris" fireteam. The Destiny 2 lore entry for the Memory of Omar Agah explains that the Hunter suffered the worst fate while in Crota"s lair, as his light was ripped from him bit by bit. His Guardian light was then used to birth Hive creatures from their cocoons.

To honor the Memory of Omar Agah, Eris tasks Destiny 2 Guardians with completing a relatively quick series of tasks that have a slight Hunter twist.

Where to Find a Powerful Hive Wizard

The first part of the Memory of Omar Agah quest is to defeat a Hive Wizard with a Super ability. Any Hive Wizard will do but it isn"t easy to find a Hive Wizard on the Moon.

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Arguably the best spot for finding a Hive Wizard on the Moon for the Memory of Omar Agah mission is to go to the Lost Sector called K1 Revelation. It"s worth hitting a Public Event flag first in order to get a Super charge or use the Bad Juju exotic Pulse Rifle, which gives extra Super energy on every kill.

Once in the K1 Revelation Lost Sector, skip past all of the enemies until there is an area with a shielded crystal. Defeat the nearby Hive in order to summon an Elite Hive Wizard, pop the Super ability, and eliminate the Hive Wizard. Any Super ability will do but make sure that it will kill the Wizard. It might even be best to weaken it a little bit first.

Recover Omar"s Knives from Powerful Enemies

Eliminating the Hive Wizard will trigger the next part of the Memory of Omar Agah quest in Destiny 2. This step involves claiming 20 throwing knives by landing a precision final blow on a powerful enemy with either a bow or a sniper rifle. Crucible and Gambit also count for the kills, so it"s well worth going into PvP with a sniper rifle or bow if the player is skilled enough with the weapon types.

PvE players are better served in a few different places. The Leviathan has a lot of powerful Cabal at its entrance and players will start with decent ammo. However, that requires loading and reloading the Leviathan raid a few times, and with Destiny 2"s loading times on console that may not be ideal. Another great place to farm powerful enemies for the Memory of Omar Agah quest is to trigger Escalation Protocol on Mars. At higher levels, almost all of the enemies will be powerful and there will be plenty of them.

And finally, any Public Event has high odds of putting out a few powerful enemies but finding 20 is a harder proposition. Destiny 2 players might have to do a couple of Public Events to fill the quest objective.

Finish the Memory of Omar Agah

Regardless of how players do it, getting 20 throwing knives will complete the main portion of the Memory of Omar Agah quest. Now, players must return to Eris" vendor station on the Moon, enter the portal to the right, and follow it to trigger a dialogue scene.

As with past memory quests from Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, delivering the keepsake will trigger a conversation where Eris finds peace with her former fireteam member. Eris explains that Omar offered to make her a talisman before the group faced Crota. She did not think it was valuable but Omar made it anyway, and now the player"s Guardian returns it to Eris and honors the Memory of Omar Agah.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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