Strategic Outreach and Talent Acquisition

* is a combat support agency of the Department of Defense.

The agency is composed of more than 9,000 military and civilian employees. The agency provides, operates and assures command and control and information-sharing capabilities and a globally accessible enterprise information infrastructure in direct support to joint warfighters, national level leaders and other mission and coalition partners across the full spectrum of military operations.

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Fort George G. Meade is a United States Army installation located in Maryland, that includes Defense Information Systems Agency headquarters, Defense Information School, Defense Media Activity, the United States Army Field Band, United States Cyber Command headquarters, National Security Agency, Defense Courier Service and the U.S. Navy"s Cryptologic Warfare Group Six. has offices in CONUS and OCONUS including Hawaii, Germany and Japan to name a few. Military personnel on orders to elements outside of Fort George G. Meade, Maryland are directed to contact their sponsors for information on their new duty stations or contact the services" points of contact listed below.

See more: My Computer Just Became Self Aware, Trevor Moore Headquarters Address: 6910 Cooper Ave., Fort Meade, MD 20755

Sponsor Request

If you have not yet been contacted by a sponsor, please contact Mr. Kenny Nelson by phone at: 571-235-2203; or by email at: Kenny.l.nelson.civ

Reporting to Headquarters, Fort George G. Meade, Maryland

Personnel are encouraged to coordinate reporting with their sponsors to ensure access to the facilities. All newly assigned military personnel (active duty, guard or reserves) to George G. Meade must communicate with their sponsors upon arrival to coordinate In-processing. The Joint Support Group (JSG) is located in Room C4H. The JSG provides mandatory training management, personnel administration, and quality-of-life programs to military personnel assigned to HQS and the Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ) Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN). Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all personnel are at a 100% teleworking status until further notice. All visits to the building must be coordinated through the Sponsor!

Onboarding Instructions

Personnel should maintain contact with respective sponsor to ensure they are tracking their arrival to the unit. New arrivals to must coordinate with their sponsors before arriving to the building. Once permission to go to the building is granted, the sponsor will meet the new arrival at the front desk and escort them to coordinate updating their CAC card for security access to the building. New arrivals should be prepared to provide supporting documentation to each Service they will be in-processing into. New arrivals will be given in-processing tools (installation in-processing, in-processing, JFHQ-DoDIN in-processing checklists, etc.) New Employee Orientation (NEO) videos can be found at the Joint Service Group portal: NEO is no longer being held at the HQS due to COVID-19 restrictions. New arrivals have the option, at the discretion of their supervisor, to go on permissive temporary duty or PTDY "house hunting leave" for allocated amount of time. New arrivals should coordinate with their supervisor prior to house hunting.

Onboarding Contact Information for Active Duty and Reserve Military Personnel