I think the music fits the atmosphere of the trailer. And hey, at least it wasn"t fucking dub step for once.

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Honestly I would find the song apropos if it were the original Phil Collins song. There"s something chilling about that song. Also I thought the franchise was supposed to get more epic in scale with each iteration, I"m tired of people complaining about sequels (even by the same developers) not fitting the "spirit" of a franchise they had no part in creating. It"s not your game to make, it"s your game to play (or not play). Get used to it.


"Dead Space 3: We want the phone audience."

Between that and the demo, the game is already dead to me(pun intended)

I think "In the Air Tonight" was an inspired choice for this trailer. The cover wasn"t amazing but it wasn"t ear-rape like Rihanna either.

It"s a wash, honestly.

Oh boy, everything surrounding this game is just been the biggest turn off. I"d really like to know who wants this game at this point.

you know I"m alright with an action game in the Dead Space setting. It kind of makes sense too once you leave the abandoned ship from the first game. I just think the new Lost Planet is going to be a better version of this idea. So good luck with DS3 I guess.

PolygonSlayer said:

Really bummed. This just looks like nothing I want from a Dead Space game, oh well, there are plenty of other titles to play.

Yep, this. To see such a promising IP butchered and given the AAA treatment is just deflating.They"re expecting to move five million copies of this thing. That"s how misguided and untrue to itself this series has gotten.Better with Kinect.

It has pretty much always been a AAA game considering how much marketing previous installments had, especially DS2.

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Also everyone realizes that the better with Kinect is just some extra voice gimmicks they put in? That a nice man sent over from Visceral won"t stand in your room with a gun to your head nodding towards your kinect?

Has everyone just become so bitter and unhappy with their lives that we need to literally shit on every single game before it comes out? I can"t remember the last time I read a trailer comments thread where people here were actually excited for anything.