Instead of advancing the plot, the latest episode of Darling in the Franxx sent us into Dr. Franxx’s past where he was known as Werner Frank.

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Japanese title: 人ならざるモノたち

Episode 19 – Inhumanity

(In the past)Dr. Franxx is reminiscing his past as Dr. Werner Frank. As a scientist of APE, he is researching a way to make human beings immortal and finds a way by using a new power called Magma. However, becoming immortal means to lose the ability of reproduction. During his studies, he meets Karina Milsa, a scientist regenerating human body cells parts. The Magma power does not only affect humans, but also the cities as they slowly turn into deserts. APE builds plantations to save humanity from the progressing desertification and from Klaxosaurs that suddenly appear, attracted by the great amounts of Magma. Dr. Frank gets promoted as the leader of the Anti-Klaxosaur troupe because of his findings and produces the Franxx prototypes. Many lives are sacrificed in the process of creating the perfect weapons against Klaxosaurs. Frank even loses the love of his life because she pilots a Franxx. Adults are living a peaceful life without any fear in the Plantations and the children are trained to become pilots in The Garden and get transferred to Mistilteinn, a quarantine zone to monitor their health and foster emotions. Dr. Frank changes his research target and wants to create the perfect life form. He pays the Princess a visit, loses one arm, but gains her DNA.

(Now)Futoshi tells Kokoro that he doesn’t want to be her partner in order to pair her up with Mitsuru. Both don’t understand why they are all acting this way. Squad 13 ‘meets’ papa-tachi and Hiro asks them to return Kokoro and Mitsuru’s memories, but their memories have completely been deleted and there is no way to restore them. Zorome asks them how many Klaxosaurs they would have to defeat in order to become adults, but he doesn’t get an answer. Hiro asks them to free the group after their last mission.

Terms and Lingo

APEThe APE is a group of scientists with no knowable origins or nationalities. APE gained influence in politics and wanted to create immortal humans. They suggest the creation of plantations as the desertification progressed and they became world leaders.

MistilteinnQuarantine zones in Plantations are called Mistilteinn. These are antiquated environments to raise Parasites to have their emotions and health monitored.

My Thoughts

At the end of the last episode’s review, I wrote that we’ll hopefully see some progress, but I was wrong. We walked through Dr. Franxx’s past as Werner Frank, who wasn’t a ‘good’ scientist at first. He got told off because of his research field but got hired by APE to work for them and find a way to create immortal humans. Frank did find a way but stirred up earth’s devastation. By extracting Magma energy, the land turned into a giant desert. To dig up and hoard Magma resources also caused Klaxosaurs to pay humans a visit on earth’s surface. Frank is indeed a great scientist who found a way to create a never dying race, but on the other hand, he destroyed their reproduction ability, which wasn’t needed until he found a way to destroy the monsters. Frank researched a dead Klaxosaur’s body and got to know that their DNA is only consisting of female chromosomes. He built prototypes of Franxx machines and let many people die to perfect these weapons. He somehow realized that pilots with fully functional reproduction organs are needed to pilot Franxx without further problems. We still don’t know why pairs of girls and boys are needed though… Or did I just miss out the explanation? Could it be that when his fiancé Karina tried to pilot the Franxx she got killed because she couldn’t handle it? She was still able to have children and I guess some of the male human guinea pigs did too. So he came to the conclusion of not just using one person, but two, and et voilà, it worked out.

After the death of Karina, he changed his way of thinking and is still trying to create the perfect life form, which he seems to have accomplished: Zero Two. He decided to meet the Klaxosaurs’ Princess and had the guts to really do so. All his soldiers were killed, but she spared his life. She first licked his fingers and then ripped off his arm… A nice way of telling someone to leave. In the meanwhile, he was able to take some of her DNA samples in order to reproduce her.

Back to the present: The children learn that it is impossible for Kokoro and Mitsuru to regain their memories. Zorome finally understands that his beloved and respected papa-tachi have only been using the parasites as warriors and nothing more. They didn’t bother to tell them the truth about their existence and why they will never ever grow up to be adults. Parasites seem to have a pretty short life compared to the adults. As I previously wrote about parasites growing up too fast, they might also just die in no time. Miku’s gray hair would be a proof of their quick aging. As parasites usually won’t survive as many fights as Squad 13 did, they are an exception and I guess therefore Dr. Franxx’s test group.

My What-Is-Going-On? Moments

Zero Two the clone So now we have got hold of the long awaited answer: Zero Two is just the clone of the Klaxosaur’s princess. This would explain why her hair is white in the beginning, but not her skin color. I wonder how Zero Two will react after knowing the truth…

Dr. Frank and the Princess of KlaxosaursHow can Frank be that crazy to ‘fall in love’ with the princess, when she just killed his army and ripped off his left arm? The way he looked at her was like in trance. He was so not normal at that point, or maybe this is part of his true personality. Franxx was pretty mean to Zero Two in the beginning and used her for his experiments. He might be swaying around between being a sadist and masochist.

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Parasites called childrenThe parasites are called children and not the other way around. By calling the pilots parasites, they must have been produced in a way that burdened their creators. You could call a child a parasite too, because the child lives inside the mother and gets what it needs from her. I wonder how they created the children, because most of the adults were unable to have children. Are they the work of Dr. Franxx too?

In the End

Dr. Franxx’s past got revealed and gave us some ideas of the story’s main points. It appears that Zero Two is a clone created out of Klaxosaurs’ princess’ hair. What is going to happen in the present? Darling in the Franxx’s 20th episode will not air this week on 2 June, but presumably next week on 9 June 2018 because of a playback special.