Note that you do have to dance in front of a camera though. Dancing behind or to the side of it won"t work. You also have to dance in front of seven different cameras, so make a note of those you"ve visited already to ensure you don"t double up.

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Fortnite - Film camera locations

There are seven film cameras in total on Fortnite"s map, and you have to dance in front of seven of them. Yes, that means you have to dance in front of every single film camera on the map to complete this challenge.


Please refer to our map above for the locations of each of the film cameras on the map, then refer to our list below, where we"ll detail the exact locations of each film camera so you can easily find them.

Northeast of Junk Junction - Warehouse

Head to the unnamed area northeast of Junk Junction and enter the biggest building there to find a TV studio. Dance in front of the camera and you"re done.



North of Haunted Hills - Crypt

Go to the northern section of Haunted Hills and go inside the biggest crypt. You"ll find a film camera just in front of you as soon as you"re inside.



Northwest Greasy Grove -

There"s a broken building by the cliffside to the northwest of Greasy Grove. You"ll find the camera just inside.


Risky Reels - Green Screen

The northmost building at Risky Reels has a green screen in it. Head inside there and dance in front of the camera to win at life.

South of Retail Row - Bridge

Directly south of Retail Row is a bridge. The camera is on top of it.

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West and South of Moisty Mire 

These cameras are so close to each other that it"s just not worth them both having their own sections. In fact, you can literally see the other camera from each of them.

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