Authors: Steven A. Beebe, Susan J. Beebe, Diana K. IvyFile Size: 75 MBFormat: PDFLength: 480 pagesPublisher: Pearson; 6th editionPublication Date: February 27, 2015Language: EnglishASIN: B00XIH1XNUISBN-10: 0133753824ISBN-13: 9780133753820

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About The Author

Diana K. Ivy
Steven A. Beebe

Dr. Steven A. Beebe is Regents’ and University Distinguished Professor of Communication Studies at Texas State University. He served as Chair of the Department of Communication Studies for over 27 years and as Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication for over 23 years. Dr. Beebe is a co-author or author of 12 books (with multiple editions totaling more than 70), more than 50 articles and ebook chapters, as well as over 150 presentations and papers at professional conferences. Steven’s communication books have been used at hundreds of universities and colleges throughout the world, making him one of the top communication textbook authors in the United States. Steve served as President of the National Communication Association (NCA), the largest professional communication association in the world, in 2013.

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Susan J. Beebe

Communication: Principles for a Lifetime 6th edition (PDF) was designed to address the biggest challenge when teaching Introduction to Communication: how to present the variety of fundamental theory and skills without overwhelming learners. By organizing the textbook around five key principles of communication, authors Steven Beebe, Susan Beebe, and Diana Ivy help college students to see the interplay among communication concepts, skills, and contexts. The 6th edition retains this successful 5-principles framework, and adds updated content and a new learning architecture that better helps college students build, and use, strong communication skills — in the course and beyond.

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