My account has already been verified and this message appears when I am going to add a payment method.

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I was able to fix this myself following these steps from my laptop using chrome browser

1 Sign in to Coinbase

2 Click your name or avatar located on the top right and then click settings

3 Click “Activity” and click “sign out all other sessions” under Web Sessions

4 Still in “settings” – click on “Profile”

5 Under “Personal Details” – delete the data listed in the fields “Street Address”, “City/town”, “State” and “Post code”

6 Begin typing your street address in “Street Address” field until your address appears directly underneath the “Street Address” field you are typing in. Once you see your address navigate to it with your mouse, highlight, press tab or enter. All other fields (City/town, State, Post code) will auto-populate. Click “save”

7 Override the URL to answer the 4 questions on the RIGHT of the page and click “continue”

8 Override the URL to

9 I recommend picking a driver’s license and enabling your webcam to take pictures of the front and back of your ID. 15-30 seconds later a message will appear “we’re verifying your ID” you should receive confirmation “verified” AND receive an email immediately

10 Log out of Coinbase – log back in and you should be all set. The dreaded “account under review” message should be gone and you should have full access to your account