Netflix is a very popular platform to watch and download movies and it is used by millions of people around the world. So many people all around the globe have encountered an error message that prevents them to stream on Netflix. This error message is displayed on the screen if the data stored on your device needs to be refreshed and it states “Netflix Error NW-4-8: Netflix has encountered an error”. The Netflix error code NW-4-8 can be fixed very easily by following the steps given below in this article.

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Netflix users encounter netflix error code nw-4-8Netflix Error nw-4-8

What Causes the Netflix Error Code nw-4-8?

In most of the cases, the major cause behind this error is that the data stored on your device needs to be refreshed. In some cases, this error might occur if the signal strength of the local internet connection is weak or your device is not getting any signal at all.


The most basic troubleshooting steps that solve this issue in most of the devices are given below. Follow these steps and check if the issue is resolved.First of all, make sure that your Network supports streaming.Sign out of your Netflix account by going to the settings option on the top left of the home screen and selecting Sign out.On the error screen, click on More Details and select Device Information.

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In the SDK version section, check the SDK version of your device. If the SDK version is lower than 4.0.6, then upgrade your SDK version because this error occurs more often in the older versions.Take out the plug of your router and insert it back in the socket after waiting for a couple of minutes.Now Restart your device that you use to stream videos by taking out the plug and inserting it back into the socket after a delay of two minutes.If you are still encountering this error, change the location of your modem and move other wireless devices away from the modem to get a better signal strength.If it doesn’t help, use an ethernet cable to connect your device directly to the modem and restore your default internet settings.

What to do while Netflix error code nw-4-8 appears on the screen?