Do you love watching anime? Are you a big fan of kissanime? Then you must be searching for the best kissanime alternatives that are working smoothly in 2021. Eventually, every time your search for kissanime alternatives leads you to some fake and spam pages, I know that well.

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Well, I have a piece of news for all of you guys. This post is for all the anime lovers out there who are really in love with kiss anime. Frankly speaking, I’m also a fan of anime. So I can understand your trouble with how you guys are disappointed about your search results for kissanime alternatives.

In this article, I’m going to share some of the best kiss anime website alternatives from my list that I have personally choose for you all. You will be saying yourself that your search for kissanime alternatives ends up here at my site as you have your one-stop destination.

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Let’s Find Out what KissAnime is.

Kissanime is a streaming website that focuses on streaming anime. The term anime comes from the french word “animé,” which meaning is “lively.” Anime consider being pop-culture that is originally from Japan.


The website facilitates its users with loads of different genres, including romance, humor, horror, action, etc. Also, the site has an excellent user-friendly interface that is easy to use.

Users can browse the contents using the parameters like browse by genre, the latest anime episodes of the week, popular anime shows of the week, etc.

6. Chia anime

Chia anime is also another alternative to kissanime where you can watch your favorite anime, and also you can download the episode you would love to watch later. This website has a neat user-interface so that you can use the site easily.

Chia-Anime is having an outstanding collection of popular anime shows and series that are available in high definition for the users.

7. is the best yet available alternative to kissanime website with a massive collection of anime library enriched to facilitate users. 9anime ru is almost similar to kissanime and also has a friendly user-interface.

So, go and visit the site and download your favorite anime content. Sit back and relax and enjoy yourself with your friends.

8. GoGo anime

GoGo anime is another best alternative of kissanime where you can watch and download your favorite anime series and share it with your friends.

This website has an excellent user-friendly interface so that users can find their desired anime using parameters such as genre, popularity ratings, latest anime of the week, etc.

9. Anime frenzy

AnimeFrenzy is having a simple user-interface and regularly updated anime library, which ranks the site among the top free streaming sites.

The site has gained massive popularity across a broad spectrum of anime fans due to the vast collection of anime series and cartoon movies.

10. Animepark

Anime park is the best place to watch English subbed anime videos. This site is free, and you don’t need to pay anything for watching anime online.

As of now, anime park has a rich collection of over 4000 anime to watch through online streaming. This site also allows users to download the anime shows in high resolution.

11. Animeland

Animeland is famous for best-dubbed anime, and it allows users to download anime videos in high resolution into your device. You can also watch them without downloading them.

This site also has quite an excellent user-friendly interface which helps users to view and download their desired animes. One can use advanced search using available parameters for better and accurate results.

12. Daisuki

If you are still not satisfied with the sites mentioned above and always looking for the best alternative to the kissanime site, then Daisuki is the site you should consider visiting. Its yet another full-fledged online anime streaming site that offers streaming in high quality.

Though you can watch anime without login here, it is necessary to sign up for the site to watch and download the anime shows in high resolution. It supports iOS and Android devices aw well along with pc, but you must have an account to use the mobile app.

13. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is yet another best alternative to kissanime and also an excellent source to watch anime online free. This site also has a massive collection of anime series and facilitates users to watch and download the anime in high quality.

One plus point of the site is their user-interface that is well organized efficiently, and anyone who is the first time visiting the website can use it easily.

14. Anime Streams

Anime streams is another best alternative to kissanime with a rich library of anime, videos, and movies you can watch online free. They also have a friendly user interface, which is quite well organized.

You can search for anime using the different parameters available on the website. Anime downloading is made easy by making the anime section differ from the other videos and movies section.

15. is a dependable resource for watch anime online, and it is the best alternative to kissanime as well. This site is equipped with everything that an anime lovers desire to see in their favorite anime watching site.

The best part of the site is you don’t even have to create an account on the site to watch your favorite anime series. But there is one con point that I want to highlight here is you need to have the latest version of Flash player enabled on your pc.

16. Anime season

This is another best alternative to the kiss anime website and also provides users with streaming high-quality anime content. Anime season also has a massive sized collection of all popular anime which every anime lover want to access.

Talking about the user interface, it is also adorable and friendly, and anyone who is visiting the site for the first time will find it easy to use. They also provide various parameters to use on advanced search by the user.

17. Anime sim

Anime sim is an excellent online video streaming website, just like the KissAnime site that allows users to watch online streaming of their favorite anime seasons for free.

The home page of the website has a list of all the latest movies and episodes. Anime lovers can watch free streaming or download the contents in their desired video quality.

Anime sim has proper English subtitles available on the Videos so that one can enjoy their favorite anime shows and anime movies from any region of the world.

Now talking about the user interface, it is also excellent, and the site layout is very attractive for users. You should consider visiting the site for all your needs of popular anime videos and movies with subtitles.

18. Horrible subs

Just like all the other anime streaming sites, Horriblesubs is relatively new to the market, but it is still a great place to watch anime series online free.

This site allows users to download the anime shows and movies various resolutions, whether it is 480p or 720p, or it is 1080p full-HD.

The website homepage incorporates the ‘Release Schedule’ feature, where users can get a list of all upcoming anime episodes with their specific release date and time.

Moreover, this site is the best alternative to the kissanime website, and it will please any anime lover with their quality anime and the massive collection with all popular anime.

19. A2zanime

A2zAnime is yet another highly-rated and best KissAnime alternative site where you can stream all your favorite anime online in all video quality – from 360p up to 1080p.

It gives users the feature to vote and rate the animes – so that content creators or the publishers can uplift viewers’ experience.

The site has a simple and interactive user interface with a large variety of genres to choose from, including adventure, action, fantasy, horror, comedy, historical, magic, drama, and many others.

20. Anime karma

Anime Karma is another free yet best KissAnime-like site to watch anime videos online free. From the top trending movies to featured TV shows, this website has an enormous library of all types of animes for fans of all ages.

One con side of this website is the pop-ups and the annoying ads that keep coming while loading a video. Despite this con side, this site is quite popular among anime lovers around the world.

Now, as talking about the interface of the website, it has an interactive user interface. Also, it gives users to search for anime using advanced parameters such as rating, published time, number of views, etc.

FAQ On kissanime Alternatives

FAQ #1: Why is kissanime down?

Ans: Kissanime website is having some kind of server down issues and some other technical glitches. Also, the site blocked by isp in some regions, so you are unable to access it.

FAQ #2: Can I download animes from the listed sites?

Ans: Yes, you can download anime from most of the sites listed here. Some sites may not allow downloading, but they enable free streaming.

FAQ #3: Are these sites free to watch anime?

Ans: Yes, Most of the sites listed in this article are free. Some of them may ask you to take premium membership for downloading anime, but you can watch anime for free in the listed sites.

Final Words from the Admin

This article is all about the best kissanime alternative website and the best alternatives to kissanime that works way similar to kiss anime. I tried to provide all the necessary information regarding kissanime in this article.

Anime is fun; only those can understand the craze of watching anime who truly loves to watch anime and manga. I am really in love with anime. I always make it up to watch anime, even in a strict daily routine.

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I may miss something to add to the article, and I would appreciate your suggestions and try to post some more valuable posts in the future. If you guys have any queries, please feel free to ping me using the comment box. Thank you guys for a visit this site. You guys are true anime lover.