Yes, it"s true. I have to write this article on why it"s unsafe to put aluminum foil because there is a little trend in Japan that has been totally lost in translation and now has Americans blowing up their microwaves. Let"s go back to the beginning. In March, Japanese twitter use
Asu_Astell posted his DIY project of a nearly perfect "metal ball" of aluminum foil.

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It"s not too hard to do, it just takes time to create a perfectly smooth surface. He told Buzzfeed News that he used a rubber hammer to shape a sphere of aluminum foil for about two hours, and went back to hammering again. Finally, he sanded it down with sandpaper and used liquid abrasive to polish the ball. And that is how he did it, and also where the problem starts.


— アス (
Because we"re all smart internet users, we know just how easily information can be misused. That is what happened in the case of this very innocent tweet because somehow, it soon became this tweet.

I just tried this. If you put a tight ball of tin foil in the microwave for a few minutes it turns into a real ball. Can’t believe it actually worked

— KODY (
Obviously this user did not try this out, or else he would have experienced a very different reality. However, Twitter just took it farther and farther.

To keep it simple, we just say don"t place any non-metal during microwave cooking. No matter how smooth foil is, just stick to plastic wrap or paper towels. Foil can go into the conventional oven and foil shielding maintains heat well, but if you"re looking for a non-stick surface, parchment paper is best.

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So the microwave is a great invention, but it"s not perfect. Stick to reheating your hot dogs the simple way and use a microwave-safe utensil. Just please, never put aluminum foil in the microwave.