the following code fills the vector with 10 values in first for second for loop i want the elements of vector to be printed.The output is till the cout statement before the j loop.Gives error of vector subscript out of range.

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#include "stdafx.h"#include "iostream"#include "vector"using namespace std;int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR * argv<>){ vector v; cout 0; --j) { cout


Regardless of how do you index the pushbacks your vector contains 10 elements indexed from 0 (0, 1, ..., 9). So in your second loop v is invalid, when j is 10.

This will fix the error:

for(int j = 9;j >= 0;--j){ cout In general it"s better to think about indexes as 0 based, so I suggest you change also your first loop to this:

for(int i = 0;i Also, to access the elements of a container, the idiomatic approach is to use iterators (in this case: a reverse iterator):

for (vector::reverse_iterator i = v.rbegin(); i != v.rend(); ++i){ std::cout


v has 10 element, the index starts from 0 to 9.

for(int j=10;j>0;--j){ coutyou should update for loop to

for(int j=9; j>=0; --j)// ^^^^^^^^^^{ coutOr use reverse iterator to print element in reverse order

for (auto ri = v.rbegin(); ri != v.rend(); ++ri){ std::cout


this type of error usually occur when you try to access data through the index in which data data has not been assign. for example

//assign of data in to arrayfor(int i=0; i=0; i--){cout the code will give error (vector subscript out of range)because you are accessing the arr<10> which has not been assign yet.


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