BTS Reactions - They take your virginity

Warning - Contains mature content, contains bad language

Your lips move against your boyfriend’s quicker, more desperate as the last item of clothing drops to the floor. He’d just got back from a long tour and invited you to stay the night. There’s no way you were refusing such an offer, so you’d gone over immediately after packing a bag. You had plans to cuddle all night, but the moment you saw him, the atmosphere changed,

“Are you sure about this?” He asks, his lips meeting your neck as you whine that you’re sure. Part of him is nervous, because if you go through with this, he’ll be taking your virginity, and in his head that a huge deal. But you’re sure, and you want this more than anything.

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Yoongi pulls his bottom lip between his teeth as he positions himself at your entrance. His arms rest either side of your face, supporting him while giving you the perfect view of just how sexy he is. It’s not often that Yoongi looks at anything with as much intensity as he’s looking at you right now, and it’s doing things to you that can’t be worded. You’re nearly squirming underneath him and your breath hitches when you feel him push the tip in. He keeps going, nearly growling when you whimper, hands coming up to grip his biceps,

“You’re so fucking tight, baby girl. You feel so good,” Yoongi whispers to you, before tugging on your earlobe with his teeth, as his way of trying not to let go. He wants to snap his hips up, making you scream for him. He wants to make you up as his, and make you forget your own name, but he knows your limits. So Yoongi has no choice but to settles for gripping your hips hard enough to bruise, while trying to take it as slow as he can manage.



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Namjoon had warned you plenty of times that he isn’t able to be gentle. You’d talked about it at length, but it was clear that gentle and careful is something that Namjoon just can’t do. He fucks to utterly destroy, and he can’t switch that off. You knew what you were getting yourself in for, but he still tries to rein it in slightly for your first time. His teeth are clenched as he pushes into you, but your whimpers push him over the edge and he can’t help but slam the rest into you with one swift movement,

“Fuck, princess, you’re mine. So fucking tight, and all mine,” Namjoon growls in your ear, preoccupying himself with running a hand down your body, teasing and touching wherever he wants to give you time to adjust. He knows he’s big, so you need a moment.

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Namjoon grunts when you clench around him, and throws his head back as he laughs, “Well if you wanna play like that…” He trails off, knowing that he will wreck you without much of a challenge. Pulling back, he fucks into you hard, relishing the way your face screws up in pleasure and pain.